9 Reasons Why Hydrogen Cars Are The Best Next-Gen Vehicles

Hydrogen car

Hydrogen fuel will be soon substituting the dying petrol and diesel sources. There are several reasons for adopting hydrogen fuel as the next vehicle fuel. Said that, Hydrogen fuel is a clean source of energy i.e. it does not produce any harmful pollutants that aid in pollution. Also, hydrogen fuel machines are more efficient than conventional fuel machines. Here are 9 reasons to go for hydrogen cars.

9 Good Things About Hydrogen Cars

  1. Clean Fuel
    Hydrogen car
    Hydrogen is a clean fuel i.e. it leaves no harmful emission during its operation. Hydrogen is already used in the welding industry. Upon burning, hydrogen fuel leaves water vapor, an emission that is completely harmless to the environment. This is one of the main factors supporting the replacement of conventional car fuel technologies, which release toxic emissions and pollute the environment, with hydrogen fuel.
  2. Energy Security
    Using hydrogen as a fuel will pave way for using the same technology for various other purposes that involve the use of oils. This will aid in reducing the imported oil dependence, hence increasing energy security. A greater portion of nation’s wealth will be saved as a result of this.
  3. Faster Refuelling
    Hydrogen cars are faster to be filled with fuel. A hydrogen car can be filled with 300 miles worth of fuel in less than 3 minutes, much like a gas vehicle. This is much faster when compared to electric cars that require about 30-minute of wait time to fuel up for 170 miles.
  4. High Efficiency
    The average internal combustion engine of a conventional car is able to extract only 20% of energy from petrol. Clearly, it is too inefficient. On the other hand, a fuel cell is able to draw out 60% of the energy available in hydrogen fuel. That makes it about 3 times more efficient that the conventional car engines.
  5. Multiple Sources
    Hydrogen fuel can be extracted from a number of ways hence; there are several sources for obtaining hydrogen fuel. At present, hydrogen fuel is obtained from coal gasification and biomass gasification. These processes rely on the use of conventional energy sources like coal and natural gas. New research has shown potential for using bio-wastes as a source of hydrogen fuel. Further, Hydrogen can also be obtained from the electrolysis of water.
  1. No Carbon Emission
    Hydrogen car
    Unlike conventional vehicle fuels, fuel from hydrogen produces no carbon emissions. Hence, hydrogen fuel is non-polluting. Because large amounts of carbon emissions can have a negative effect on human health, hydrogen powered car technology will help in improving health at areas heavily cloaked in smog.
  1. No Greenhouse Effect
    Hydrogen fuel is free from any kind of emissions that aid in the greenhouse Therefore, it has zero contribution in the global warming scenario. In addition, there is not even a single toxic emission released from burning hydrogen fuel.
  2. Safe Source
    Due to its safe nature, hydrogen fuel is already being used in several processes happening in the industry. Unlike petrol and diesel, it is not highly combustible. The vital part that needs a safety is when the hydrogen engine is being installed in a car. If that’s covered safely, there are almost no major safety issues thereafter.
  3. Sustainability Potential
    The biggest challenge that a fuel needs to meet is sustainability. It is the quality to withstand a number of factors such as an increase in population and change in technology. Well, the good thing is that hydrogen fuel has the potential to become sustainable in the near future.


Hydrogen cars will soon become more common as the price will go down and the technology becomes readily available almost everywhere.

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