8 Weirdest Cars You Wish You Had

Rinspeed sQuba

Cars do come in several shapes and sizes, including unusual ones too. Many of these uncanny rides are partly inspired by fiction and partly from pure imagination. One such example is the Rinspeed sQuba. Developed over a budget of 1.5mn dollars, the car not only rushes on the road but also on water and even when submerged. So, here’s our pick of 8 weirdly amazing cars.

8 Amazing Vehicles

  1. 1956 GMC Custom Milk Truck
    1956 GMC Custom Milk Truck
    Image Source : cdn.barrett-jackson.com
    Powered by Chevy V8, 1956 GMC Custom Milk Truck is one of the rarest trucks in the vehicle world. The vehicle gives out a retro feel via its hand-painted decals and a rust-free built.
  2. 1970 Chrysler Town & Country
    Able to carry 9 passengers around, 1970 Chrysler Town & Country is an amazing car with extensive wood paneling. The woody wagon takes 11.1 seconds to reach the 60mph mark and can go as fast as 116mph. Powered by a 290hp engine, 1970 Chrysler Town & Country packs a 3-speed gearbox and gives out a fair mileage of 11.3 miles with each litre of gasoline burnt.
  3. 1971 Ford Torino Custom Display Car
    1971 Ford Torino Custom Display Car

    Image Source : o.aolcdn.com
    With a 3D-printed liquid metal finish, 1971 Ford Torino Custom Display Car is one freaky car. As the name suggests, the car isn’t drivable but still makes a good show.
  4. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster
    Priced at $3.9mn, Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is one of the world’s most expensive cars. The single model of the car was launched as a celebration of Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. Launched in 2013, the ride’s engine is more than 750hp. Veneno Roadster is able to reach 60mph in mere 3 seconds and max out at 220mph. To aid in steering and gripping to the track, the vehicle has carbon fiber monocoque design. During the March 2015 auction, the special edition car was put up for a sale at $11mn.
  5. Rinspeed sQuba
    Rinspeed sQuba

    Image Source : rinspeed.eu
    Brought to life by Frank Rinderknecht CEO of Rinspeed, the 1.5mn dollar project is nothing less than one fantasy car turned into reality. The all-electric vehicle is able to hit a 77mph max speed on the road, while allowing you to move at 3mph on water and 1.8mph underwater (up to 30 ft.). Rinspeed sQuba was showcased during the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. Water screws and three motors installed in the trunk of the sQuba helps it to achieve water propulsion.
  6. The Green Lego Car
    With over 500k Lego parts, The Green Lego Car runs completely over a system of air pistons. All the Lego parts used in the construction bills up for a pricey sum of $60k. Steve Sammartino and Raul Oadia, who outsourced the work from Romania, initiated the project. Not able to withstand a journey from hot weather to cool weather, the novelty car is able to achieve a maximum speed of 20mph.
  7. The Transition
    The Transition

    Image Source : terrafugia.com
    Developed by the American firm Terrafugia, The Transition is an expensive $280,000 flying car. The vehicle makes use of its 27 feet wide wings to suspend in mid-air. The Transition is able to reach speeds as great as 100mph in the air with a maximum onboard weight of 500 pounds. The wings can be folded down to a size of mere 7ft to store the car in your garage without any space issues.
  8. Thrust SSC
    Driven by the same Rolls-Royce Spey engines that were used in Phantom F-4 jet, Thrust SSC holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest ground vehicle. Andy Green set the record on October 15, 1997, at the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Andy was able to reach a top speed of 763mph in mere 20 seconds.


All of these crazy cars have a high price tag that not every one of us can afford. Well, these vehicles are worth their hefty price tags.

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