Aftermarket alterations to make your car cooler 


Taking an ordinary car and souping it up is a challenge that many car-owners relish. There are so many ways in which a car can be modified and altered to produce a better performance or a different look that it is almost a never-ending process for the bespoke car devotee. Different people will have different motives for modifying their car but for the most part it is either about performance or about image. For those who have a set of wheels and who feel that they might enjoy the challenge of reworking their car into something that is the envy of their mates, here are a few ideas to get you on the road.

Power up


If performance is the name of the game for you then you might want to consider switching out your factory fitted clutch for a racing one. The benefit of this is that racing clutches can handle more torque than the stock clutch. Some would even suggest that they can also take more abuse and that they last for longer. Anyone who has fitted a racing clutch will tell you that the benefits are obvious, although they might also warn you to be careful if driving on public roads not tracks. If this is a move that you would like to undertake then start with an internet search that includes the model of your car and the component that you are looking for. Something like ‘corvette racing clutch´ should do the trick. It will give you details of a supplier and of a mechanic who can do the work if you don’t want to do it yourself. 

Spray job


One of the easiest and most common modifications is the re-spray. For a person who is more concerned with standing out from the crowd and looking good this is a simple place to start. It is also a popular adaptation for people who are more artistic and less mechanical. Get rid of the boring finish that helps your car blend in with all the others and set to work with some great designs and unusual colours. Your car will be the talk of the town. A re-spray will make your car stand out far more than a new clutch.

Wheels and suspension


There is so much that can be done in this area that it is hard to know where to start. A simple entry point is upgrading the wheels if the original ones are not mag wheels. Mag wheels are made out of lightweight magnesium steel and they tend to come factory fitted on more expensive cars. So, if you want your car to look more expensive and stylish then go this route. Thereafter you can look at dropping the suspension which is another common aftermarket alteration. Lowering the suspension puts the body of the car closer to the ground which means that the centre of gravity is lower and therefore the chance of rolling the vehicle is less. It is a common alteration for people who want to race. The lowering is done through alterations to the springs and shock absorbers.   

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