8 Best android car apps for 2018


All of us spend a lot of time in our cars. And it is worth knowing that where car manufacturers, car, apple and others are involving technology in it. The ecosystem is not at all amazing, yet there are many car fans, mechanics and motorists that have funny stuff to play within. Here are a few best android car apps:

Best android car apps:

  1. Android auto:
    Android auto
    Image Source : cdn.vox-cdn.comThis android app could easily be called as the best auto app of all the time. It can give a quick access to music apps, messaging apps, Google maps and other some other utilities as well. The app can be opened on your device and work from the mount over your dashboard. There are cars with built- in android auto. This puts the android auto right on the touch screen of your car. In a few cases, it has absolutely free download and better than what other manufacturers offer. The only drawback is that it has not been included on the whole ton vehicles yet. This change can be expected to come in a few years.
  2. Car maintenance by myCARFAX:
    Car maintenance by myCARFAX
    Image Source : dl1.cbsistatic.comCar maintenance is an app for car management. This means an eye can be kept over a bunch of many things. All the repairs and maintenance of the app can be seen. The app will automatically alert when it comes to additional maintenance and even at the time of registration renewal. Only the mechanics will be shown in the CARFAX network. And this is the best thing of all the time. It is one of the best apps to keep things organised.
  3. Drivvo:
    It is among the best driving applications 2018. A track of every basic thing is kept here. This includes gas mileage, miles driven, expenditures, maintenance, repairs and much more. It is excellent for those driving for work. This app can be used to keep a track of all the expenses in tax season. There are maintenance records along with the reminders whenever more maintenance is required. The free download version has many features in it. Go pro for getting data export, data syncing, and cloud backup without advertising.
  4. Gas buddy:
    Gas buddy
    This is among the most money saving driving applications 2018 for motorists. It is a crowd source for gas prices in and around your area. The gas station can then be chosen providing the best and cheapest gas. It is best for road trips. It is however good in case you are cruising all round in your home town. You may also make a contribution by changing the prices as soon as you have a look over it. Those who make such contribution can win a free gas of 100$. This is although not a huge thing but is really nice. It is an essential app for car, even for those who are not necessarily the car people.
  5. Various reward app: Most of the large gas station has reward options. This card can be used in buying gas and other similar items. The reward points stack up and can be used to buy gas discounts, free stuff and gift cards.
  6. SpotAngels:SpotAngelsImage Source : cdn.cultofmac.com
    Spot Angles is like a wild card. It is among the newest car apps having tons of potential. Its primary function is avoided parking tickets. It is currently supported in 20 cities. It keeps a track record of where should your car be parked. This way you will not get your car lost while parking. This is a supported functionality for all no matter whether they are present in the supported city or not. People can send images and information of the places which are safe for parking. This is a great help to avoid parking tickets.
  7. Torque Pro:
    Torque Pro
    Torque pro is a troubleshooting app and among the best android car apps. It can be paired up with OBD 2 devices via Bluetooth to read the codes and to know what the check engine lights are. It is one of the most essential apps for mechanics and for those who does their own car work. It may also keep a track of a variety of stats from the car. This includes a GPS speedometer, warning and alarms, co2 emission degrees and much more. The first version is free to try for all.
  8. You tube: For car fans, YouTube is the best auto app. There are many aficlonados, mechanics and car people crazy for it. There are amazing videos telling how the oil can be changes, how the brakes are to be fixed, how to fix even the cosmetic stuff like wax in the car. Also there are videos about the old cars, new cars, fun cars and highlights from all types of car races. It is one of the exciting pick among the android car apps.

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