Auto Insurance: The Basics quiz from Health IQ

Do you know what type of auto insurance would cover you if you got a flat tire on the road? What if you lost control of your vehicle and damaged someone’s property? Are you confident that you know the answers, or do they leave you scratching your head?

All motorists in America should have auto insurance, but a surprising number don’t understand their policies. Find out what you know about auto insurance, and what you don’t, with the Auto Insurance: The Basics quiz from Health IQ.

The multiple-choice quiz puts your knowledge of roadside assistance, mechanical breakdown, comprehensive, and other auto insurance policies to the test. Enjoy instant feedback that helps you learn as you progress through the seven-question quiz. Read the feedback carefully and file away the new information, because you never know when you’ll need it. When you’re done you can see how you measure up against people you know and the rest of the nation. Why not invite your family and friends to test their knowledge with the quiz, too?

Every correct answer brings you closer to Health IQ’s valuable rewards. The points you earn can unlock great perks that include special life insurance rates, charity donations to your favorite causes, and even tickets to world-class sporting events.

There’s no better time than the present to test your auto insurance knowledge. Put your thinking cap on and take Health IQ’s Auto Insurance: The Basics quiz. Then be sure to let us know how you score! Or go to Health IQ’s quiz page to find more daily quizzes, such as their quizzes on personal insurance types.

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