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understeer training

Understeer sounds like an esoteric term, but the truth is that, at some point, most or all drivers have experienced it. In simple terms, understeer is where a driver tries to turn the wheel when there is either too much speed or too much braking. The back wheels continue to move whilst the front wheels struggle to cope with turning at speed, causing the car to not steer enough in the intended direction, hence the term ‘understeer’.

What makes Understeer fatal at times?

The car then takes the turn too widely, causing a hazard to oncoming traffic, as well as the driver to whom it’s happening. On a tight bend, it can mean the difference between staying on the tarmac and ending up slipping off the side of the road. If the road is wet or the oversteer is particularly harsh, this creates all of the conditions for a potentially deadly accident.

Understanding the importance of Understeer Training

 understeer training

  1. Understeer training is particularly useful and is of benefit to all drivers for a variety of reasons. The actual physical experience of understeer can be hard to understand; sitting down and trying to pinpoint one’s braking habits, or the usual speed that one is driving at when understeer occurs, can be a long and arduous task and is primarily theory based.
  2. Getting behind the wheel and actually experiencing understeer first hand, in a controlled environment with a trained instructor, is the only real way to actually look at the experience of understeer, the driver’s individual driving style, and how the two can go together to prevent understeer in the future.
  3. It’s also a great way to anyone who has experienced understeer, and been left shaken by the experience, to recreate the circumstances, feel the experience with a guided walkthrough and ensure that they can better their understanding of the phenomenon. For anyone wishing to better their driving, understeer training is a must.

You can read the full understeer tutorial here which explains how understeer works, as well as the differences between understeer and oversteer. Furthermore, it gives a great deal of handy tips on how to avoid understeer in terms of adjusting speed, breaking habits and car set up options.

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