Best to avoid car accidents, but being prepared for the worst is vital

Car accidents happen all the time, every 10 seconds according to the National Traffic Safety Administration. You could be the most careful driver the road has ever witnessed, but it only takes one idiot who either thrives off breaking the law or disturbs your focus for a millisecond to cause an accident.

Unfortunately, as people try to keep hold of their cash, they often try to reduce the cost of their insurance policy. Great! Money saved! But wait, how does that affect you if you need to make a claim? Some insurance policies simply don’t ensure enough cover to provide with the compensation you need if the accident resulted in expensive medical bills, a damaged vehicle and loss of earnings.

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If you’re driving around Kansas City, the state law clearly requires that uninsured coverage be included in all auto insurance policies. However, when you head out of Kansas City and the state, the laws can change and ultimately be less favorable to you if an uninsured driver hits you. While the other driver avoided being responsible by refusing to insure their car, you have to suffer for it. In this kind of situation, you need a decent car accident attorney to have your back.

Getting to the bottom of the situation

What you’re naturally going to face when an uninsured – or underinsured – driver crashes into you is deciding who’s to blame. Of course, you know it wasn’t your fault, the other driver probably knows it wasn’t your fault, but if there’s no witnesses or footage to provide evidence, you can bet they will try and refuse to accept at least some of the responsibility.

When the person who’s truly responsible for the crash refuses to accept the blame, problems arise. If they’re underinsured, they will call their insurance provider straight away before they do anything. In many cases, you can guess their insurance provider will tell them to avoid a conversation that could be used in evidence, and then the company will bring their top team of lawyers into the mix. These professionals will try their best to make sure you get the smallest payout possible – if you get one at all.

When it comes to your word against theirs, you need to utilize the services of a car accident attorney who has plenty of experience dealing with those dreaded drivers who can’t admit when they’ve made a mistake. Don’t let that irresponsible driver avoid the deserved consequences of his carelessness.

What if you caused the accident?

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We’ve been a little harsh on drivers who cause accidents up to this point, but in reality some accidents can’t be avoided. Drunk driving, excessive speeding and reckless carelessness are inexcusable, but even losing your focus momentarily can result in an accident.

If this is the case and you don’t want to be one of the many hated drivers on the roads of the United States, you should probably own up (and make sure you’re insured), but don’t be intimidated into admitting things you haven’t actually done.

Accepting responsibility is one thing, but paying through the nose for damages you didn’t cause is simply ridiculous. But how can you really know for sure what damages already existed to the other person’s vehicle before the crash? Realistically, you need to hire a car accident attorney who’s fully aware of the law and has some investigative tricks up their sleeve.

Avoiding accidents in the first place

While it’s important you’re prepared to deal with the aftermath of an accident, it’s obviously better to avoid being involved in an accident all together. The best crashes (if such a thing exists) are the ones where both drivers are civil, insured to the high heavens, and whoever is to blame accepts responsibility and embraces the consequences.

Given the fact that it is not always the case, you really ought to pay for the best insurance package you can afford that guarantees a pay-out – that will cover everything – even if the other driver has failed to purchase insurance. Of course, drive diligently and abide by speed limits, definitely – definitely – don’t drink and drive, and – if you want to be eco-friendly – only drive when you really need your vehicle. Your high school kids will survive even if they are forced to walk a full mile to school.

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