Bollinger B1 raises the bar in the segment of ecofriendly trucks

We’ve seen electric cars of all descriptions but hardly any fully electric sports utility trucks (SUTs). Bollinger Motors is changing that now with the launch of its electric SUT, which the automaker is claiming as the world’s first SUT. It’s called Bollinger B1. It has a heavy duty, three box classic look, and is manufactured using lightweight aluminium. It is a multifunction vehicle, which die-hard adventure lovers and demanding tradespeople can drive in the wilderness as well as in the city. The transformable SUT has a range of 200 miles, which makes it perfect for on/off road uses. Here’s a closer look at the Bollinger B1:

Bollinger B1 design specs

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The B1 is designed along the lines of the classic SUT. It has a robust body with a three-box design which can seat four passengers. You can remove the two back seats to make space for your gear. The total length of the B1 is 150 inches, the wheelbase 105 inches and width 76.5 inches. The SUT is slightly wider than the Jeep Wrangler, but shorter by 14 inches and has a longer wheelbase. The B1 weighs about 3,900 pounds, mainly due to the 265 pounds aluminium chassis. The rollover structure is made of steel which also adds to the B1’s weight. 


The B1 can do 0-60 seconds in a cool 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 127 miles /hr, which puts it in the supercar class. As the drive train and battery storage space are situated between the vehicle floor and the chassis rails, the truck has a front (called ‘frunk’), middle and rear storage. You can store 12 ft boards completely within the truck, due to its one of a kind centre pass door. 95 cubic ft is the highest storage capacity, when you remove the back seats.

Bollinger’s makers were determined to come up with a unique vehicle and looks like they were successful in doing so. The B1 has an advanced four wheel drive, with a 100% electric powertrain to produce horsepower, ground clearance and torque, which is best in class.


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You can choose between 100 kWh and 60kWh lithium ion battery pack, with a range of 200 and 120 miles respectively. In both the cases, the range is well within that of daily drives/commutes. If you want to go on loner trips, you’d have to stop and recharge the battery. The universal connector J1772 can be used to charge the battery. The truck also has Level 3 CHAdeMODC port for fast charging, located on the fender. Your tools, electronics and equipment can be plugged in using 100V plugs on to the 4 wheel power source, on different locations on the Bollinger. 

Future plans

The CEO and founder of Bollinger, Robert Bollinger, stated that the Bollinger B1 was the result of a boyhood dream. The team at Bollinger worked incredibly hard to create the vehicle.

Delivery dates and firm prices are yet to be decided and Bollinger is also in the process of forming collaborations with US automakers, which would enable the B1 to be manufactured in New York.

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According to the company, deliveries of the vehicle will begin within 19 months after all manufacturing decisions are finalised.

You could reserve one SUT on the company’s website, which can be done without any deposit. 

There are many companies, startups and established car manufacturers, who have been working on electric vehicles mainly sedans. But the B1 is the one which has been specially designed keeping in mind eco friendly off roaders, giving them a choice to go easy on the environment while enjoying the thrill of off road adventures.

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