Driving Misdemeanours of the Rich and Famous


Whilst driving responsibly is something we should be conscious of all year round, the festive season always proves to be a point of focus as anti-drink driving campaigns are set in motion and people dash up and down the country to visit family and friends.


For those who are not willing to tow the legal line when it comes to driving within the limits of the law, cameras are playing an ever-widening role in helping bring them to justice. CCTV, dashcams and sometimes even the paparazzi provide, what is often, damning evidence of illegal driving activities. And it isn’t just the general public who fall into the camera lens, the rich and famous are often the ones who find themselves subject to the strong arm of the law.

Britain’s Wealthiest MP Banned from Driving

Recently, Britain’s wealthiest MP, Richard Benyon, was banned from driving after being caught sending text messages from behind the wheel of a black BMW. Benyon was given 6 points penalty points and a fine for the offense, but as he already had points on his license for speeding, he was served with an automatic 6-month ban. The MP who is estimated to be worth £110 million is not the only person in the public eye who has been caught bang to rights. 

Celebrity Driving Offenders 2017 

An article published on November 17, by Motorpoint the car supermarket, named and shamed a number of celebrities who have been convicted of driving offenses over the last 6 months.

Amongst the culprits is Everton star Wayne Rooney who was 3 times over the legal alcohol limit when caught driving in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Rooney was given a 2-year ban and ordered to do 120 hours work as part of a community order. A statement issued by the footballer contained the following;

“Following today’s court hearing I want publicly to apologize for my unforgivable lack of judgment in driving while over the legal limit. It was completely wrong.”

Other celebrity wrongdoers include the 2012 X Factor winner, James Arthur who received a £2000 fine and a 6-month ban for speeding.

Sobering Figures 


There have been a raft of media reports throughout December 17 that have highlighted the alarming numbers of people caught a drink or drug driving and that begs the question – are the penalties incurred stiff enough?

On April 17, the penalties for speeding were increased, but many people are still unaware of this and the penalties for drinking and driving remain the same. Also, judging by the number of people who can be seen using their mobile phones while driving, the penalties for this are clearly not a big enough for the deterrent.

While the resources available to the police service may have something to do with the ubiquitous use of mobile phones on our roads, the increase in convictions for driving offenses would imply that this is not the only reason people are still willing to cross the legal boundaries.

Is a more comprehensive review of our driving laws required or is it more of a matter of increased public awareness?

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