Motorbike accessories that promise your safety on road

Riding a bike brings you in direct contact with the elements which is exhilarating. But you are also more exposed to dangers on the road. You don’t have an outer shell to protect you in case of any impact. Till now, you have had only the helmet as protection. Now there are amazing motorbike accessories which promise to keep you safe on the road. Check them out:



ROAME Zeros are the world’s first motorcycle shoes that integrate hi-tech impact protection with fashion and abrasion resistance to give you more visibility and protection on road. The shoes are comfortable and stylish and the integrated turn and brake light signals are connected wirelessly to your motorbike. The shoes were designed over a period of 3 years taking into consideration every aspect of a biker’s life. They’re not bulky and ugly but are actually shoes which look good and can fit into your everyday lifestyle.

Tobacco Motorwear


Tobacco Motorwear has come up with riding gear which provides slide protection with protective DuPont Kevlar lining. The style is much better than available riding gear, as these jeans have been inspired by top jeans brands.The inner lining covers the area behind your knees in the back and from your waist downwardto your shins in front.The jeans are stitched with precision, avoiding the usual bulkiness associated with riding gear. The selvedge denim layer on the outer side provides more durability. The price of these is quite reasonable too, compared to other riding gear which is quite expensive.



FUSAR universal smart helmet system allows any helmet, regardless or shape size and style, to be converted into a smart helmet. It’s been designed keeping action sports enthusiasts in mind. Once you download the FUSAR app, you can access full action camera, activity tracking, unlimited range communication, black box, navigation, music playback and emergency alert capabilities. When you’re on the go, you can interact with the FUSAR app through wrist-mounted remote control or with the handlebar. Youdon’t have to stop the bike and pull out your bike to access all the functions, like tracking new rides, save a location, record videos or snap photos. It’s one of those motorcycle accessories any rider will want.



If you like to travel to remote places for adventure alone, this one Ridersmate will prove to be especially useful.Lone riders on adventure tracks run the risk of falling off the bike and not being found.

Ridersmate unit is clipped on your jacket or belt via a carabiner with a curly cord attached to your bike. If automatically sends a message through GPS if the connection breaks, to three previously chosen contacts in case of a problem, and a second message is sent a minute later in case they have missed the first.

It includes GPS co-ordinates and altitude, the time and speed at which you were traveling when the crash happened. You can call for help if your bike breaks down by pressing the SOS button. If a message is sent accidentally, it will send another one clarifying you are ok when the cord is plugged back. The battery of the device should last for eight hours.

Cranium iC-R motorcycle helmet


 Welcome to a futuristic bike riding experience with the Cranium iC-R motorcycle helmet. It’s not smart, it’s ultra-smart. An electronically controlled LCD visor is inbuilt which is given a dark tint when you press the button for it. Phone connectivity, inbuilt Bluetooth, Li-Dar rear ender collision controls and voice controls are some other functions integrated in the helmet. It also has twin rear vision cameras whichprovide rear-view data on two LED displays. These LED screens also display heads-up data.

The helmet’s 360 vision idea will be life-changing for riders who will no longer have to turn their heads while changing lanes, taking their eyes off the front. This is a unique safety measure which takes care of the blind spot too. The battery for all these functions is powered by a solar panel which is built into the top of the helmet which charges as you ride.

Road safety is foremost when you’re on your bike and these accessories will definitely help you in staying safe while going on long or short trips.

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