7 Movies for Car Lovers

Movies for Car Lovers

Whether you’re scrolling through information about private jets on accessjetgroup.com or finding another way to pass the time – you should consider winding down with a good movie.

There are hundreds of great films available that are centered around fast cars and race car drivers. If you’re a car lover, there’s no doubt you’ll appreciate this list.

Here are 7 movies for car lovers!

1.  The Fast &The Furious

Is it any surprise that The Fast &The Furious made it on the list? If you are a car lover and have yet to watch this masterpiece, you’ll want to rent it as soon as possible. With a 5-star cast, you’re sure to enjoy every moment of it. This is a movie for those who love watching fast cars. It feels as if you are right in the passenger seat!

2.  Need For Speed

If The Fast &The Furious wasn’t enough, you need to rent Need For Speed for a complete adrenaline rush! This movie is as much action as it is beautiful, foreign cars. The protagonist is a street racer who races across the country to get justice for his best friend who was tragically killed. You’re sure to be on the edge of your seat throughout this whole movie!

3.  Drive

Famous actor, Ryan Gosling, takes us on a thrilling ride in his movie Drive. Car lovers everywhere include this in their top favorite movies. There’s no shortage of car chases and drama with this flashy flick. Grab your popcorn and drive right into it!

4.  Gone in 60 Seconds

Gone in 60 Seconds is an absolute classic at this point for car enthusiasts. Nicholas Cage takes us on a suspenseful ride as he attempts to steal 50 cars in under 2 hours. Does he get it done? Well, you’ll just have to watch and find out. You’re sure to not be able to catch your breath until after the credits start rolling.

5.  Joy Ride

Paul Walker didn’t just leave his acting to The Fast &The Furious. He stars in another action-packed movie made for car lovers, Joy Ride. As the name suggests, this movie is all about living in the fast lane. While this movie doesn’t have all the intense car chases, there’s no shortage of entertainment.

6.  Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy doesn’t disappoint car lovers in his incredibly intense film, Mad Max: Fury Road. This movie has a story that has never been told before. With an incredibly eerie setting, crazy stunts, and interesting characters – you’ll be engaged in this film from the moment it starts until it ends. It’s one of those films where you’ll be thinking about the story days after. And you’re sure to watch it more than once!

7.  Senna

There are some films that just hit all your emotions.Senna is easily one of them. This film takes us through the intense life of racecar driver, ArytonSenna. Senna is a documentary unlike any other, and you will undoubtedly become connected with the three-time F1 world champion.

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