What the Color of Your Car Says About You

What the Color of Your Car Says About You

You just got off the phone with Black Tie Moving and noticed a red car drive past your window. Did you ever wonder if the color of someone’s car says something about them? Well, we certainly believe this to be the case. At least, to an extent!

Let’s get into what the color of your car says about you!

1.  Sleek Black

If you’re rolling around in a black car, you can bet that you enjoy the finer things in life. Your appearance means a great deal to you, but you believe in the “less is more” approach when it comes to your style.

Black cars signify a sense of prestige and professionalism. If you see someone driving a black car, it’s safe to assume they are confident, stylish, and to be taken seriously.

2.  Flashy Red

Spotting a red car means you’ve encountered someone who is the life of the party. These people are all about having fun and not taking life too seriously. They live and ride their flashy cars in the fast lane, so to speak.

Red cars convey a sense of spontaneity and freedom. If you’re a free spirit, this is certainly the car color for you!

3.  Earthly Blue

Are you thinking of purchasing a blue car? If so, that means you may like to spend time out in nature. Blue signifies all things worldly and natural. This makes sense seeing as the majority of our world is colored blue!

Blue car drivers are probably on their way to hit the slopes, catch some waves, or take off on another adventure hike. You’ll most likely see a bike rack on top of this blue vehicle.

4.  Classic Gold

The color gold is a classic one. People who opt for that bronze color vehicle are most likely ones who like to stick to tradition. You won’t see them swaying too far away from their beliefs.

Gold cars have their own sense of style. It is not a color that you see too often in the natural world, and when you see one on the road, you usually take a pause. These drivers are sure to be family and value oriented.

5.  Safe Silver

One of the most popular colors for vehicles is none other than silver! Those who rock the silver cars are ones who play it safe in life. They know there are more important things than their appearance.

Silver car drivers are all about sticking with what works and what’s practical. If you like to keep things as simple as possible, a silver car is just the one for you!

6.  Crisp White

If you’re a clean freak, a white car was meant for you. It’s an act of bravery to ride around in a white vehicle – just think of how easy it is to get them dirty!

People who take pleasure in keeping things clean and precise are sure to be drawn to white vehicles. You can bet if your friend drives a white automobile, they most definitely have a clean house and are all about to-do lists.

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