Pedale: An innovative bike sharing system

As we understand, a bike can help us maintain a good health and help in keeping the environment green as well. You get to feel the awesome wind in your face and the feeling is mesmerizing. To increase the use of a bike for transportation Bike sharing systems have evolved over the years. The Pedale is a bike sharing system that makes use of virtual stations for the ease of the commuters.

The user’s comfort

Pedale 1

To encourage the use of bikes in transportation, riders are attracted by schemes like first 30 minutes free of charge or a very nominal charge for some time. In a regular bike sharing system, a rider hires a bike from a location say X and returns it to a specified location say Y.

The uniqueness about the Pedale bike sharing system is that the user can return the bike at any rack. The user has the option to park the bike at any rack in the virtual station. According to the location in the city, the racks will be located and also their size will depend upon their location.

Identifying the station will be as easy as identifying a bus stop. A Pedale logo will be visible on the top of the station pillar for quick and easy recognition.

The Bike

Pedale 3

Whenever a biker uses the Pedale bike, the kinetic energy generated is utilized efficiently. This energy is used to charge the battery mounted on the bike. The battery on the bike runs the various gadgets like the GPS and the GSM transmitter/receiver attached to the bike.

With the help of the GPS and the GSM transmitter/receiver, the user or the rider will be informed about the vicinity of the virtual station. The bike is ergonomically designed and aesthetically appealing.

Renting the Pedale bike is easy, the user can either use a public transportation card or make use of their NFC smartphone. The Pedale bike has an integrated Radio-frequency identification (RIFD) device and a near field communication (NFC) device for the purpose.

The App

Pedale 2

The smart app will allow the user to locate a virtual station, rent a bike and peek in to the user’s usage history. Like all technically advanced devices, the Pedale makes use of a smart app to make things simple and easy for its users.

With easy to locate, parking racks and the comfort of returning the bike on any of the location the Pedal biking system will make bike hiring more common. Thus, contributing to the environment and health of the people.

Source : Behance.Net

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