Putting the hype and truth of ‘green vehicles’ to test

In today’s era of technology choosing a new car has really been a tough task. It would be even tougher, if you are swaying in between choosingconventional v/s plug in cars!Although the commercial electric car is comparatively a recent approach, there are many companies in the automotive industry such as Nissan, Ford, Tesla, etc. who have brought forward some very interesting models of electric cars and hybrid vehicles; in order to contribute towards their share of healthy and pollution free environment.

Although, a variety of demonstrated benefits of using hybrid or plug-in cars have been proven so far, such as energy security, fuel efficiency, cost effectiveness and emission reduction; for large percentage of consumers buying plug-ins or electric cars doesn’t make sense.

Thus, it is very essential to statistically analyze the root cause of the issue through consumer’s point of view.

Reasons you may reconsider purchasing green vehicles


There are many reasons to get attracted towards hybrids or green vehicles, although it is as well, a matter of concern that not every reason will click out in the long run! While green vehicles seem to be super chick; there may be some trendier and greener options that are been overlooked. In this regard, take a look at these reasons for not to make your hybrid a style icon!

  • More initial investment

The very first point that can cross your mind, while buying a hybrid car, is its higher initial share of investment.This high end initial investment can be attributed to the costly gas saving technology that is being used in hybrids. Apparently, in order to improve sale some great deals are offered on hybrid vehicles, but for many of the popular brands, like those of Toyota, Honda, etc. the cost is always more than several thousand dollars as compared to its conventional version.

If you think that you will be recovering this extra initial cost through fuel saving; our next point will definitely be an eye opener for you!

  • Reimbursement of the extra initial cost

Many people are rationalizing their act of buying battery vehicle by saying that they will be able to reimburse the cost with fuel savings. However, it generally takes longer time to implement their plans than they actually pencil it out. Surprisingly, this factor is highly variable, displaying exponential relation between initial investment and fuel pricing.

Thus the idea of buying hybrid would be great, if you wish to opt for a cheaper version, wherein the maintenance cost would be high but the initial investment can be recouped back within two years, on the contrary for some other costly brands such as Lexus, etc. it would generally take longer period of time to get returns on investments.

  • Fuel Economy


Many people have the general misconception that the hybrid powered cars can comparatively exhibit better fuel efficiency than their conventional counterparts. However, the concept is now changing after the revolutionary invention of diesel fuel technology, wherein the former reputation of diesels as smelly, dirty and sluggish is changing rapidly. It has been observed that the new diesel power cars are the same performers or sometimes better than many hybrid cars.

Another factor that has been noted for fuel economy is that a person’s daily commuting route is also a major contributing factor towards saving your fuel.

Thus, it is always better to keep in mind the EPA estimates for fuel consumption,than to rely on hybrid dealers.

  • Batteries and Easy Repair

One option that no one is paying attention on is the repairing and maintenance cost of batteries. It has been estimated that the replacement or repair cost of the dead or worn out batteries is potential high, may be in the range of 7000-8000$. Many people have opted to scrap their cars for parts rather than repairing them again!

  • Negative Environment Impact

It is true that the fuel consumption of hybrid cars is way lesser as compared to conventional cars, for being internal combustion power cars. But it should also to be understood that these cars as well depend upon the fuel that is quickly volatile in nature and still create emission.

Additionally, batteries of the hybrid cars rely upon some important materials like lithium and cobalt; mining of which is largely a destructive process. Additionally, the electricity that is being used for their operation can as well be nasty to the environment in critical matters.

If you are opting to buy a green vehicle just for the sake of saving fuel and being environment friendly; you might be in for a disappointment. Thus, it is advisable to analyze your requirement and implement accordingly.

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