Renting out a car? Consider checking these things first

Car Rental

Car rentals can be tricky, whether you are renting it out for regular commutation or for a road trip. To make a hassle free ride and to avoid extra costs, try considering these tips before taking and while driving a rental car.

Car Id
Car Id

Check your IDs

Before you rent out a car, check if you are having all the valid IDs with you. This includes your driver’s license and credit cards.

Vehicle Document
Vehicle Document

Check the documents of the vehicle

Make sure that the vehicle has all the necessary documents like the registration and insurance in it. Check if all the documents are up to date; if not, contact the management of the rental service and ask them to renew it or change the vehicle.

Study the insurance policy offered by the rental service
Study the insurance policy offered by the rental service

Study the insurance policy offered by the rental service

Check the insurance coverage and the different sections pertaining to the rental car. Seek the help of a professional in case you are not able to understand the clauses.

Check the car thoroughly

Before taking the car from car rental Israel or any other car rental service for a drive, check it thoroughly. These are some of the important things that you need to check in the car.

  • Make sure that there are no scratches and dents on the body, and also check if the mirrors are properly attached. If you find some deformities on the car, take a photo of it and inform the management about it before the ride.
  • Check if the tires are properly aligned and are in good condition. Check if a spare tire and jack are present in the boot.
  • Check if the license plate is proper and visible enough.
  • Check if the key is properly working and can access the boot with the same.
  • Inspect under the hood and trunk.
  • Check if the lights are properly working or not.
  • Ensure there are enough fluids in the car.
  • Check the odometer.
  • Ensure there are no cracks and spots on the windshield; also check the proper working of the wiper and sprayer.
  • Check if the car is clean both inside and outside; also check for any weird smell inside the car.
  • Check the glove box for the first aid kit and the owner’s manual.

Ask for a map if you are new to the area

Most of the rental service providers will have maps of their region; this will be helpful when you are on a road trip in an unfamiliar area. Some providers also have GPS systems enabled in the cars, checking if the system is working proper before the ride is highly advised.

Give proper care to the car

Drive the car safe; keep the documents and the keys always safe with you. Also, ensure that you have a contact number to connect in case of emergencies. Don’t go off road and drive according to the conditions.

These are some tips to ensure that there is no trouble while renting out a car and make your ride peaceful and happy.

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