Super Sky Cycle – A flying motor-tricycle that does 35mph, lands in 20ft space

Human ambitions to take to the skies aren’t new. However, it’s focus is changing from aviation to everyday commute. Consequently, we have seen flying cars and bikes surfacing on the web every now and then. This become even more important with the increasing number of vehicles on road that result in traffic jams during the rush hours. In such a scenario, if you don’t wanna miss an important meeting or a business deal, you should have a flying gear that could rid you off the traffic and reach on your coveted destination in time.

This might surely be the consideration in Larry Neal’s, of The Butterfly Aircraft LLC, mind when he invented this flying motor-tricycle, dubbed Super Sky Cycle. Flying motor-tricycle is equipped with 583cc engine and three-blade 68-inch propeller which enables it to take to the sky when needed. The flying tricycle can fly at 35mph, needs merely 20ft to land with a top landing speed of 65mph.

Super Sky Cycle can remain aloft for five hours on a single tank of fuel. What’s more interesting is the fact that Larry Neal has got US Patent to build the vehicle on larger scale for general public. The project is in the development for a long time, and all Mr. Neal has to do is to meticulously wrap of fold the propellers in the design once the vehicle lands which might help it run on road. The machine is to cost a cool $75,000 but getting on the wings doesn’t sound all that cheap either.

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