Vehicle Restoration: A Guide for Beginners

Think your vehicle is past its prime? That your old truck will never run smoothly again? Believe that all you can do with your classic car is set it up on blocks? Don’t be so sure. Vehicle restoration is always possible, if you’re willing to put in some time and effort. When done right, you can breathe whole new life into an older vehicle—even getting it back in good, running order.

Of course, vehicle restoration isn’t something you can pick up by watching a single YouTube tutorial or reading a list of tips. You’ll need to practice, and hopefully spend some time working alongside a more experienced mechanic.

As you try to prime yourself on the basics of vehicle restoration though, maybe these few guidelines can at least guide you in the right direction.

What to Know About Vehicle Restoration

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Consider the following:

Know what you’re getting into. Sometimes a vehicle may need little more than for a few scratches to be buffed out and a new coat of paint to be added. In other cases, a new engine may need to be built from scratch. Know how much labor is involved, and get a ballpark of what it’s going to cost. If the amount exceeds the actual value of the vehicle, you may need to come to terms with the fact that it’s just not worth it.

Create a plan. Make a detailed blueprint of all your repair work, including an estimated budget, to help you stay on course and monitor your progress. Note that you will want to do engine or car repairs first and probably save the body work for last, lest you risk scratching up a brand new coat of paint.

Make sure you have the right space. Sometimes a full classic car restoration can take up four garage bays! You may not have quite that kind of space, but do make sure you have plenty of room to work.

Grab the right parts. Understand that just because a car is older doesn’t mean you can’t usually find parts for it; most of the time, an automaker will use interchangeable parts for its various models, but it’s smart to verify this before you begin your work or invest too much money.

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Work on a car you actually care about. If all you care about is vintage racers, don’t waste your time refurbishing a pickup truck. And if you only have a passion for American made vehicles, don’t be distracted by German or Japanese auto styles. Vehicle restoration is a big project, and you’ll need to maintain a high level of passion throughout.

Note that, if you ever get stuck, you can also take the vehicle to a professional auto repair near you, and see what the pros have to say!

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