X R- Evolution Super yacht

To qualify for the title of a super yacht, a yacht ought to be higher than 24 meters in length. You may be familiar with a mega or a super yacht and the luxury that these expensive yachts possess. The X R-Evolution is an innovative concept that bears a unique design and utilizes the latest technology.

Mega yachts

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Luxury yachts have increased in size and number after 1997 and for some people the definition for super or mega yachts have changed. They regard a 45 to 50 meter yacht in the category of super yachts. The general layout of these yachts has three decks, including cabins for guests and crewmembers.

On the main deck of these yachts is the yacht owner’s suite, dining room, salon, gallery and a covered exterior deck on the rear of the yacht. On the lower and the upper decks is a gym, Jacuzzi, exterior swimming pool, guest cabins, crew cabins, engine room and a captain’s cabin. A boat and a speedboat or sailing boat is also kept along with diving equipment and other equipment onboard.

X R Evolution design

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Although the yacht has two visible decks in the design concept, the luxury, style and size makes it qualify for the super yacht category. The X R Evolution is a unique concept as the yacht is projected as a private beach. A bridge would connect the yacht and the beach for the passengers to get onboard.

The bridge is made of material that has a hexagonal shape, the advantage of this shape is the possibility of extending the bridge in any direction. This bridge does not merely exist to connect the beach and the yacht, along the pathway is a swimming pool and a small dinning island.

The dinning island is a romantic extension, motor boats are also attached to this pathway. The yacht optionally trails along small islands one containing a swimming pool and the other a covered terrace. Forming a mother island and smaller extension islands.

A smooth ride

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A more astounding feature of the yacht is the massive hydraulic cylinders on which the upper deck rests. No matter how rough the ride gets the upper deck would be stable. Also, a gyroscope stabilizer works to terminate the boat roll up to a considerable amount.

The extension islands of this mother island serve as private accommodation or recreation spots for couples or small families. The 77 meter X R- Evolution super yacht differentiates itself by the technology it employs and the design and luxury it offers.

Source : PastroVich

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