5 Car Related Business Ideas for the New Entrepreneur

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Since the invention of the automobile, savvy entrepreneurs have been finding new and creative ways to turn these vehicles into profit making machines. For those looking for a new business idea, a car can offer so much more than a means of transport. In this article, we take a look at five of the most exciting emerging auto industries that have sprung up in recent years. New entrepreneurs who are looking for an exciting, vibrant, and dynamic field to work in will find that the world of automobiles has much to offer in terms of business ideas.


We’ve all seen examples of the striking novelty car designs, which an increasing number of businesses are taking advantage of as a means of advertising their business to large numbers of people for relatively little cost. Vehicles with adverts on them catch the eyes of passers-by and draw their attention. This is in contrast to advertising on the television, for example, where a large number of viewers will in fact make a point of muting or attempting to ignore any commercials.

Personal Shopper

For the affluent class, no expense is too great in their pursuit of living the luxury lifestyle. For these individuals, the offer of having someone go shopping for them, and then delivering the shopping right to their door is too good to resist. This is a step up in terms of luxury and exclusivity from the usual methods of shopping online. It is a more personal service, plus those taking advantage of it aren’t limited by what a particular website is selling.

Vehicle Rental

There is no end of individuals and businesses who need access to vehicles on a regular basis. In many cases, it makes more sense for these groups to rent rather than buy cars as and when they are needed. These individuals represent an excellent, consistent source of revenue. There are a number of things that you can do in order to make your vehicles stand out amongst the competition, for example fitting them with porta potty holding tanks.

Chauffeur Services as one of business ideas

Chauffeur service particularly appeals to those who want to introduce a sense of luxury and sophistication into their lives. Acting as a chauffeur is very different to just giving people rides, as you might through services such as Uber. As a chauffeur, you will be providing a more personalized service to a few, or even one, individual clients.

Waste Removal

You can make use of your vehicle to haul away various forms of rubbish for individuals or small businesses. For some types of waste, you will require a special license; so, if you are only working with your car, there will be some limitations on what you can do. Nonetheless, there is still plenty of work out there for those advertising waste removal services.

A car is so much more than just a mode of transport. In fact, it is a potential money-making machine. And, accordingly, it could well be a new entrepreneur’s ticket to a new and exciting business opportunity.

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