7 Car Gadgets You Can Sync With Your Prized Auto

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Cars and high-tech gadgets go together like milk and cookies, but you don’t have to buy a new car to enjoy the latest technology. If your car has started falling behind the times, you can just upgrade your car gadgets. Here are some of the top gizmos that will integrate with your car to bring you all the pleasure and convenience of the latest tech every time you drive.

Integrate Your Phone

Are you waiting for Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto to fully integrate your phone with your vehicle? You don’t need to wait for new cars to start including these systems. Several systems are available that let you install these infotainment systems as aftermarket enhancements to your vehicle. For under $500, you can put a 6.4-inch screen into your dash that will mirror your phone’s functionality and respond to voice commands. If you’re using a solid smartphone like an iPhone 6s on a reliable network like T-Mobile, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of a fully computerized vehicle.

Bring the Bluetooth

Do you wish you had Bluetooth for your music? There are a number of aftermarket devices that will bring your car stereo system into the digital age for a reasonable price. The iCleverHimbox, for instance, retails for just $29.99. The iClever plugs into your AUX port and has a noise-canceling system and a magnetic mounting disk for your smartphone. You’ll be able to enjoy your music and GPS system directly through your car’s sound system. A button lets you answer calls as well.

Dashboard Cameras as perfect car gadgets

Dash cams record a driver’s eye view of the road the entire time you’re driving. They also track your geographical location and your speed. In the event of an accident or ticket, you can quickly save the video and use it to exonerate yourself from charges that you were speeding or that your driving was reckless in some way. Prices for dashboard cameras start at just $15.

Vehicle Diagnostics

These devices plug into the OBD port to diagnose engine trouble by reading the codes your car uses to report on its components. BlueDriver from Lemur can generate repair reports to help you diagnose issues and ensure that you’ll pass emissions inspections. The Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics gadget also reads diagnostic codes but has other features as well. It includes a mobile app that will lock and unlock the car or open the trunk remotely, and a “geo-fence” feature lets you receive a warning when the car drives outside a specific area — very useful in situations involving car thieves or teenage drivers.

A Wi-Fi Hotspot

Do you wish you had a Wi-Fi hub in your car? Whether you use it yourself or share a connection with carpool buddies or children, you’ll soon wonder how you survived without it. The best car gadgets Wi-Fi systems can connect up to five devices and run about $40 per month.

Hands-Free Speakerphone

The ability to use your phone hands-free in the car is a matter of safety and state law. Newer cars are built to integrate with your phone, but devices like the SuperTooth HD, which retails for $129, let you add this technology to your existing car. The SuperTooth clips to your visor and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Two microphones pick up your voice, and a pair of speakers play through the sound from your caller. Voice recognition lets you give commands in 12 languages, including English, Spanish, and German.

Dedicated GPS

Do you find it inconvenient to use your phone as your GPS system? If you’re using your phone to manage your music on a road trip or to place and receive calls, the multitasking can be inconvenient. Dedicated GPS systems are available in a wide range of prices. The Garmin Nuvi 3597 improves on standard GPS navigation by offering more natural directions.

If you’re happy with your current car but need an electronics upgrade, these car gadgets should fit the bill perfectly. Upgrade your navigation, your sound system, or your phone integration, and start enjoying your drive time again.

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