6 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Flying Car Right Now

There are more catches in riding a flying car, than the joys it offers. The notion of using a fly-car route to reach your destination might seem wonderful, but there are a lot of things that you need to understand first. Flying by car is totally a new unexplored region for humanity. Here are 6 reasons you don’t want a flying car, at least not now.

6 Reasons That To Avoid Riding A Flying Car

  1. Difficult To Learn

    You can skip driving school to ride a car but to fly even the easiest plane requires an extensive pilot training. When starting your car, you need to look in both directions. But when starting your flying car, would looking in both directions suffice or would you need to look up and down as well? Also, your normal road car can only go where the road leads but how will you know what air path to choose while flying? You can use GPS as your guide but what if it isn’t working due to bad weather or some technical issue?
  2. Much Complex
    For those that are not acquainted with cars can find cars to be a much complex unit. Since flying cars need extra equipment to make them float in mid-air, they need all the equipment of a typical road car plus some for the flying cause. This can really make the flying car project, one of the most complex things the humans have ever made.
  3. Practically Unsafe

    According to a census, 40 percent of people that have experienced driving a flying car at least once have experienced some sort of anxiety. Also, it is easier to learn road driving then to learn air driving. It’s an obvious fact that pilots go through a lengthened training process compared to conventional road driving. It’s common for people to take the wheel of a car even if they haven’t undergone a driving program but this is not the case for air driving. Compared to conventional road driving, air driving covers several safety checks before taking a flight. If left unchecked, any one of these checks can prove to be fatal.
  4. Too Noisy
    Latest road cars are silent thanks to their low-noise engine. An airplane engine, on the other hand, is very noisy. It can be heard several meters from the source. Therefore, flying cars make too much noise that can cause a undesired Hundreds of such flying cars can noise like an undesired commotion happening in the skies.
  5. Way Expensive

    At present, the cheapest flying car project being explored is bidder at $279,000. This is about 10 times the cost of an average mid-range new car. The closest thing to a flying car that we have right now is the car-plane developed by Terrafugia. It costs a pricey sum of about $300,000. The expense is not limited to the price tags though. A high-price tag means a hefty insurance amount. Also, fuel for planes is way more costly than that available for cars.
  6. Weather Might Be a Problem
    It’s obvious that we can enjoy the freedom of space offered by a flying car. You can have practically the entire sky to get or give a pass. But, bad weather is really a problem for flying cars. Because air density is a crucial deciding factor in a plane’s aerodynamics, bad weather can cause some serious issues. You can drive a car fearlessly while having a mild stormy weather but it’s not the same thing while riding a flying car.


Maybe time will provide solutions to these problems but for now, let’s just stick with the fun of driving road cars.

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