6 – Things to know before installing CNG kit in car

installing CNG kit in car

These days, the car owners worry about the high fuel cost. The cost of diesel and petrol is going up every single day. Therefore, CNG looks a feasible option, which price rupees 40 for 1 kilogram. Hence, car owners are installing CNG kit in their car. It is a kit, which is environment-friendly and even improves the performance of the car. If you use CNG as a car fuel, then the car’s mileage improves. It also saves the average cost for per km you travel. So, if you are looking for the most affordable option for the car, then CNG kit is your answer.

You need to know certain things before installing CNG kit:

1.     License and CNG Compatible


Not all cars come with CNG compatible. You should know whether your car is compatible to  CNG or not. Before you install the CNG kit, you need to have permission from concerned Government. Well, this Government procedure is time-consuming. After the approval, you can change the fuel of the car in Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle. It is very easy if you install the CNG kit during the buy of a brand new car than waiting for the approval from the Government for your old car.

2.     Installation & Maintenance Cost

Depending on the car model, you need rupees fifty thousand to rupees sixty thousand investment for installing CNG kit. However, recover the first investment within a short period of time by saving vehicle’s running cost. Though it is the most affordable option, CNG reduces the performance and power of your car. Hence, it will increase the cost of the maintenance of your vehicle. Compared to diesel and petrol car, the maintenance of CNG car is relatively high.

3.     Less Availability

filling station of CNG

In India, CNG fuel station is less in numbers. Hence, you need to fill the tank on a regular basis to avoid all the difficult situations. If you are going for along drives, then you must have knowledge of all the filling stations of CNG on the way. For backup, you must keep diesel and petrol so that you can avoid any mishaps on the road.

4.     Insurance is High

Compare to diesel and petrol car, the premium of insurance is high. The insurance rate is high because the maintenance of the car is also high. Also, the car model and car’s age matter the most, ad this affect the insurance price. Before you get car insurance, talk with the vehicle insurer. The expert is the right person to let you know what the insurance cost will be. For vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)to endorse CNG, you need the following documents.

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Vehicle Insurance certificate
  • Vehicle Owner’s Identity proof
  • Attested Copy of Valid Pollution Under Control Certificate from a notary
  • Form 20 with cylinder number and chasis number
  • Application of CNG fuel in Registration Certificate for CNG fuel endorsement on RC copy for endorsement
  • CNG retro-fitment Invoice

Though the first investment is high, it saves a lot in the near future. Though the insurance is high, do not compromise in the price of the insurance. Choose car insurance that will give you wide coverage for varieties of mishaps. Overall, it is beneficial for you, and it will save huge money for the near future.

5.     Key Benefits

installing CNG kit in car

Well, CNG option is a better option compared to a petrol car. CNG provides a high temperature of auto-ignition and a small range of flammability, which prevents from catching fire on the hot surfaces. Thus, it cuts down the unexpected mishaps. If you are taking CNG as an option of fuel, then it is clean, cheap, safe and energy efficient. You can either buy CNG fitted new car under the hood, or you can convert the diesel car, which can run on the duel-fuel system. The installing CNG kit is a wise decision if you want to save your money and environment.

6.     The main hurdle

If you think that all cars are CNG compatible, then you are wrong. The cars that are ‘CNG Approved’, which are listed with Registering Authority of the Union Territory or State are eligible for CNG. As per the Government Law, the “fuel change” seal is mandatory if you want to install CNG in your petrol or diesel car.

In installing CNG kit, you should always choose a reliable company. If you want the installation service from outside, then it may take less money. But, there will no guarantee and warranty of the fitting. A So, it is always a wise decision to buy a car that is CNG fitted. There will be no pain to install, and you will get a brand-new car with CNG, which is helpful, and it is much effective.

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