Best of Car tech from CES 2019

The Leaf E+ by Nissan

With development there have been significant technological advancements. From a situation where the only mode of commute was a long walk we reached the stage where we had cars. Now the companies are going all out to beat the existing technology and come up with some concept which is even superior to what already floods the markets. For the latest of ideas regarding automobiles there is no better place to visit than the CES.

This year the CES 2019 was held in Las Vegas and to its credit it boasted of some of the most interesting ideas regarding the next generation cars. If you are even remotely interested about the future of cars then this article will prove to be a fine read for you.
Some highlights of CES 2019

  1. Autonomous work vehicle by Honda:
    Autonomous work vehicle by Honda
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    When it comes to the heavy duty vehicles, the workers often have a tough time to manage the proceedings. Honda with all its reputation in this year’s CES has proposed of an idea using ATV chassis. This will make it a lot easier for such heavy duty vehicle operators. True to its name Honda has done all that it possibly could have to make the world of automobiles a better place.
  2. Crash Proof Options by Nissan: One of the biggest fears while driving a car is the fear of a crash. As dangerous and fatal as they can be, more and more companies are coming up with ideas to do away with the crashes. In the CES 2019 Nissan has had an interesting idea to device a vehicle which would almost be crash proof. As long as one trusts technology there would be nothing that could go wrong as the vehicle would provide with 3D hologram of smallest of obstacles on the road and will scan the surroundings for you. If this is something that shows great results it would be a matter of great celebration for vehicle technology in the times to come.
  3. BMW X7 SUV:
    BMW X7 SUV
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    This car has been dwelling on the fantasies of the car lovers. It is supposed to be one of the best luxury SUVs in the world and if the first looks are any indication it would surely be among the best. The magnitude and strength of this vehicle are so impressive that the audience loved the sample on display while testing its abilities on inclined planes.
  4. Hyundai All terrain vehicle: All autonomous vehicles and popular companies have been trying to come up with something that could be truly an all weather vehicle. But there always have been some limitations. While the SUVs are indeed to some extent all weather cars, they too are limited in certain ways. To sort out this issue Hyundai in CES 2019 has come up with its exciting new idea of the Elevate. Instead of the traditional and conventional wheels this vehicle will get robotic legs and will thus shed the limitations that were being faced by the wheels. It is going to be a great attempt at providing with an all weather vehicle if this goes on to be a successful idea.
  5. The Leaf E+ by Nissan:
    The Leaf E+ by Nissan
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    Nissan has been impressive in this year’s CES. Car tech has been taken to a whole new level with this Leaf E+ that they have spoken about. The battery operated cars have been eco friendly throughout but were seldom very user friendly. Nissan looks to change that with a car idea that would run about 360km when fully charged and only about 1hour of charging would charge the car up to 80%. Not only will this be extremely eco-friendly but will also be convenient to use once they roll out such cars in the near future.
  6. Bell’s Human sized drone: Are you like most other urban dwellers of this planet fed up with traffic. In that case the idea this company has come up with will lit you up. They are thinking of a human sized drone like vehicle which would be capable of taking off vertically and then soar through the skies to reach the destination. There truly could have been no better ways to make the traffic situation better. If this pays off and can be launched in a budget friendly manner it would be revolutionary for the commute in the years to come. In CES 2019 Bell thus made it to the list of some of the most widely awaited manufacturer of a particular product.

Final words

These are some of the most interesting and exciting vehicle technology that is doing the rounds. With such bright ideas you can be sure to get the best of autonomous vehicles in the near future. The high end technology on offer does imply bright times up ahead for the automobile world.

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