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Car manufacturers claim today’s cars are technologically quite advanced and need no performance enhancing add-ons. Would you want to adhere to the advice? I too believe that there is always room for improvement; here are few performance enhancers by Dr. Prem and expert partners.

Cylinder deactivation

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The displacement of an engine is one of the most essential criteria’s in a car’s performance. The bigger the engine, the more is the fuel consumption. One way to improve the fuel efficiency of the gas-guzzlers is to turn off cylinders. The phenomenon is known as ‘variable displacement’, and can improve the fuel consumption of your V6 or V8. This feature can be seen in Honda’s 3.5 liter, hemi V8 from Chrysler and a couple of other vehicles.

Magnetic ride control

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This feature hardens the shockers and changes the way you ride your car. The fluid in the dampers has very small magnetic particles known as the ‘magnet or heological fluid’. Under the influence of electromagnetic current these tiny particle in the fluid suspend their movement and the shockers become stiff. You can feel a change in your ride almost instantaneously. Magnetic ride control can be experienced in Range Rover Evoque, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Ferrari 599 and a few more cars.

Dual-clutch transmissions

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For a faster acceleration and a quicker gearshift, adopting a dual-clutch transmission is a good choice. Iconic cars like Lamborghini LDF, Audi S Tronic, Porsche PDK, Nissan GT-R, and Mercedes ANG utilize this feature for a better performance. A dual-clutch transmission out performs the sequential-manual transmission as there are two clutches assigned for the even and odd gears. When the gear shifting is faster, the power flow to the engine is not intervened and hence the car accelerates faster.

Larger diameter catalyst-back exhaust  

catalyst-back exhaust

The catalyst-back is also known as catback, this is a part of the ve commodore exhaust system after the catalytic converter to the portion that opens in the air. The advantage of a larger diameter Catback is increased efficiency of a high-speed engine. The down side on the other hand is generation of more noise that of course can be countered by a ‘reflective sound cancellation’ system.

High-temperature brake pads

High-temperature brake pads

These perform better literally the way they are named, at high temperatures. These are beneficial for the streetcars that zap around at high speeds. When these are cold or wet, the performance isn’t that good. The brighter side is faster deceleration and the pads last longer than the conventional ones.

These probably will quench your thirst for the time being. I am sure you would always want to get the best add-ons for your car.

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