Comical and unbelievably bizarre traffic laws from around the world

When you are on your next vacation and you have taken a cross country road trip, it is sensible to learn about the other country’s traffic laws to avoid any unnecessary drama on the road. The following laws however, can make you scratch you head and wonder what the circumstances were when they were passed. Here are some of the most hilariously absurd traffic rules around the globe.

  1. No splashing water from puddles in Japan

Rains are great, but driving or commuting around in monsoons, not so great. We have all been drenched in rain, many of us have had water splashed at us from vehicles running down roads and many of us have felt terrible on drenching innocent pedestrians. In Japan, you have to be overly cautious not to splash water on pedestrians. And yes, they have a law stating it to be punishable.

  1. Mind your manners in Cyprus

One hand off the steering wheel

Every driver who runs in rush hour traffic has a tendency to flip at other drivers or occasionally pull the fist out at bad drivers; it is salutary and alleviates the building stress. In Cyprus though, you have to be careful about behaving while driving. One hand off the steering wheel may get you in trouble with the law.

  1. Keeping on your shirt may be a safe idea in Thailand

Your shirt might have cost less than $10 when you bought it, but it will cost you $10 in Thailand if you take it off. A traffic rule in Thailand makes it obligatory for you to keep your shirt on and driving topless can cost you $10.

  1. Driving, blindfold and Alabama’s absurd law

Driving, blindfold and Alabama’s absurd law

If there is someone who is naïve about what happens on driving blindfolded, Alabama has a law for it. Yeah, it might be life-threatening but Alabama will also charge you for it – if you survive, that is. This law states the obvious for residents of Alabama but just to make sure everybody understands, no driving blindfolded anywhere else too, please.

  1. In Alaska do not tie your pet to the roof of your car

When driving through Alaska remember to not tie your pet to the roof of your car, if you have such a habit. Alaska has a rule against carrying animals outside a moving vehicle. One, its inhumane to tie an animal to the top of a car and two, if someone actually agrees to it, Alaska is freezing cold and that just proves the first point all over again.

  1. Double check your gas-tank while in Ohio

gas tank

Image Source : Wamu.Org

In Youngstown, Ohio it is illegal to run out of gas. If running on an empty gas tank does not worry you enough, an additional ticket to add to it sure will. So the next time you are travelling through Ohio, remember to double check the gas tank and fuel up.

  1. Don’t park outside Dunkin’ Donuts in Maine

Parking outside Dunkin’ Donuts in South Berwick, Maine can cost you $175 in fine or a 30-day jail time. The Main Street, where Dunkin’ Donuts is at in Maine is a part of the No Parking Zone, so you might have to consider drive through or walking to it.

  1. Better drive clean in Minnetonka, Minnesota

No dirty, muddy and sticky tires

No dirty, muddy and sticky tires while driving through Minnetonka. Punishable by $2000 this public nuisance has been recently included in the traffic rules for Minnesota.

  1. No stocking on garbage in your car in South Carolina

Hilton Head, South Carolina has a law which requires you to clean all your trash before you decide to drive your car around. More of a health-code violation, the offender may be charged with 30 days in prison or a $500 fine.

  1. Be cautious not to screech your tires in Kansas

tires screech

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The statewide law against screeching tires in Kansas will make you pay extra attention while driving. Remember to be cautious not to screech your tires while driving in Kansas or you may end up paying a hefty sum of $500 as fine.

Traffic rules are meant to ensure the safety of the individual as well as the surroundings. Tickets are issued to violators of traffic rules as these are considered punishable by law, but some laws around the world sound absurd and leave you questioning why they were implemented.

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