David Zimberoff’s bike parts sculptures are out of priory into a class

For art loving people, there is no boundary; only sky is the limit. They go far beyond what others can actually think or delineate in a day-to-day life. Creative minds, every now and then, find something unique from things priory or from something that otherwise would have been discarded and left to rot. One such man is David Zimberoff, SRAM’s Global Marketing Director, who is also a great lover of art and industrial designer by profession.  

What you see here is the perfect embodiment of what art could be like and remains in your memory forever. David Zimberoff uses bike-parts to create amazing sculptures in an endeavor he named pART Project. Moreover, the unique thing about this art project is all the proceedings from the sculpture auctions to go to World Bicycle Relief.

The amazing sculptures come from 22 skilled artists who have been given more than 100 bike parts to convert them into unique pieces of art that could be auctioned for World Bicycle Relief. And, what an amazing creations, however, they have finally come up with that can attracts masses and actually make big difference to those who appreciate art. No more words, just hit the jump to let images do rest of the talking.

Via:  Bikeradar


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