DIY Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Alone


There are so many things that you can do alone instead of having to pay for a car mechanic. All vehicle enthusiasts know how important it is to perform maintenance. This drastically improves car life so it is of high importance. The problem is just confidence and experience in many cases. Here are some things that you can do alone. Just be sure that you contact specialists whenever you feel you are over your current knowledge level. For instance, for something like alignment, you do need professional Pickerings Auto Service wheel alignment services since you do not have the needed tools to do everything alone.

Replacing Air Filters

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Usually you need a brand new car air filter every year or around 12,000 miles driven. The mechanic will easily do that but you should also consider the job since it just takes ten minutes. Find the air filter according to owner manual. Open up car casing and see the way in which the filter fits, noting where it faces. Then, remove the air filter and put in a brand new one. Don’t forget to close the metal hinges. That is how easy everything is.

Replace Windshield Wipers

This just takes 15 minutes and you do not need any tool to complete the task at hand. Free installation is so often given to you as you buy the windshield wipers but just if you buy expensive blades. Instead of doing this and buying the very expensive items, you want to get the blades and change them yourself.

There are differences from one vehicle to the next when it comes to wiper blade setup so different steps may have to be followed. However, the car owner’s manual will include all the steps you should follow. Everything is really similar to the air filter changes. Simply make note of how you initially removed the blades and you will be ready to put in the new ones by following those steps in reverse.

Battery Maintenance


If you want your car to run smooth, you need proper battery connection. Perform a visual check of battery condition to see if some maintenance cleaning is needed. If you decide this is what you should do, remove battery terminals and clean posts. Although you can use Coca Cola, it is a much better idea to use professional cleaner items. Use the cleaning fluid and then rinse it. Use rags to dry posts and then replace battery terminals.

Change Spark Plugs

For this task you need a socket wrench, a ratchet, a spark plug socket and a 12 inch socket extension. In around half an hour and for around $15, you can change your spark plug. You should change this spark plug every 30,000 miles, with the information being once again in the owner manual.

Some patience will be needed and you should not rush as everything has to be installed in a strict specific order. Find the spark plugs, remove the one that you should change, install the brand new one and put back the spark plug wire. This is all you really have to do.

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