How to avoid the Dangers of a Rideshare Accident


Ridesharing is a transportation option where you use an app to connect with a driver who will use his or her vehicle to take you where you need to go. It is an alternative to taking public transportation or a taxi.

The majority of ridesharing trips are safe and result in happy customers. However, there are also some rides that do not go as planned. Criminal activity and accidents are the main reason for safety concerns in ridesharing.

Rideshare Accidents


Whether you are in an Uber or Lyft accident as a passenger, the situation is never good. You might suffer injuries and have lasting effects from the incident. While these services claim to be safe, Bankrate states there is research that says ridesharing might have led to as much as a three percent increase in fatal car accidents.

Companies do background checks, including a driver record check, but such background databases may not tell the whole story. A background check may not tell a company about risky habits or other issues that could make a driver unsafe.

Furthermore, the more a driver is on the road, the more likely it is that he or she will have an accident. Lyft and Uber drivers are often driving all day. They may travel various roadways, including those with which they are unfamiliar. They may also travel in a variety of road conditions, including wet or slick roads, and many rideshare trips occur at night, which is the deadliest time on roads.

Problems with Rideshare Accidents

One of the biggest issues with rideshare accidents is that insurance coverage and liability may not always be clear. In an accident where you are driving your own car, you can contact your insurance company. Whoever is at fault will pay for the accident.

In a rideshare accident, the rideshare company may offer some insurance coverage while the driver also needs to have coverage. It can be very confusing to figure out where to submit claims and who will pay for your injuries.

Staying Safe in a Rideshare


The two main companies, Lyft and Uber, have both introduced various safeguards to their systems to help keep passengers and drivers safe. Always take time to find out how a service hires drivers and the steps it takes to keep you safe before you use a service.

You have to protect yourself, as well. You can start by always checking a driver’s rating. While this may not give you details, you can assume that a bad driver will not get a high rating.

It is also important that you take safety seriously. Always wear your seatbelt just as you would in your own vehicle. Do not treat this like you would a bus or other public transportation. You are in a vehicle and that requires using the proper safety devices to protect yourself in an accident.

You should also sit in the backseat if possible. In a crash, the backseat is usually the safest place.

Rideshare with Confidence

While you can never fully predict if an accident will happen when you take a rideshare service, you can be aware of the potential. Choose your service and driver carefully.

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