Hybrid cars that are the cheapest and have low emission too


Hybrid cars are the new age innovative vehicles that run on multiple power sources. The power source for hybrid cars is a combination of the powers of gasoline engines and electric motors backed up by batteries. The battery gets recharged with the help of the gas engine unlike the conventional electric vehicles. The hybrid car engine uses an intelligent technology to determine the power source needed in different driving conditions and situations.

The hybrid car engines provide increased fuel efficiency, enhanced, and supplementary power for electronic devices and tools of the engine. The emission quotient in the hybrid cars is close to or less than the predefined emission level of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The partial use of electric motor reduces the amount of harmful emission from the engine and popularizes it as environmentally friendly and greenery supporting engine.


Many car manufacturers are into producing hybrid cars in recent times to enhance their credibility and popularity in the automobile industry. In the present scenario of awareness against global warming, the demand of low emissive and fuel-efficient vehicles has unexpectedly exceeded.

Let us consider five of the hybrid cars based on market price, fuel efficiency, and greenhouse gas emission.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota has introduced the hybrid model with a hatchback body type. This hybrid car can be owned by spending just £14,995 to £15,195 depending on its model type. This car comes with a 1497 cc engine and a fuel efficiency of 81 mpg. The Carbon dioxide produced by the engine does not exceed 80g per km.

Honda Jazz Hybrid HE

Honda being the pioneer in producing environmentally friendly hybrid cars brings out Jazz for a greener and better future of the environment. The engine of Jazz works on the power sources of an i-VTEC engine and an electric motor. Honda Jazz can be afforded by paying just £16,300. It gives a fuel economy of 63mpg and the CO2 emission of around 104g/km.

Honda CR-Z

Honda CRZ deals with all the positive aspects of the current generation hybrid cars with an efficient and attractive design. It is the first hybrid car in the market with a sporty look. The staring price range to own this car is £18,035. It produces a fuel economy of 57mpg and emits CO2 up to 117 gm/km.

Honda Insight

Honda insight features the Integrated Motor Assist system. This car has been made mild to environment with the implementation of an innovative Eco Assist System. The Honda Insight can be owned by spending as less as £19,535. It offers a fuel economy of 68.9mpg and CO2 emission in this vehicle is not more than 96g/km.

Toyota Auris

The Toyota Auris is launched with a 3 door and 5 door hatchback models and marketed by the leading car manufacturer Toyota. This car is available in market with a starting price of £20,535. It offers fuel efficiency up to 74mpg and emits CO2 less than 89gm/km.

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