Is Waterless Wash Good For You or Not? Find Out Here

Is Waterless Wash Good for Your Car

Cleaning your vehicle is a task. But car enthusiasts wait for the day when they get to spend some time cleaning and detailing their cars. It is a source of satisfaction for them. However, one does not need to be a car enthusiast to feel satisfied after cleaning his/her car. Even if you are too attached to your vehicle, you will spend money and time making it look great and you might visit car detailing Melbourne or the likes to make it happen.

Did you know that you do not always have to wash your car with water to clean it? Are you aware of the term waterless wash? If yes, great. If not, you can read further to learn more.

What Is Waterless Car Washing?

waterless car wash is a technique

A waterless car wash is a technique that makes it easy for you to clean your vehicles without messing. Moreover, you do not waste water either. Thus, making it a win-win situation. If you are wondering what exactly you use to clean the car, then the answer is chemicals. A waterless car wash comes in a spray form and contains chemicals that help clean the surface of your vehicle.

Using the spray is easy. Get the spray can spray on the area that you are cleaning and wipe it off. The result is a surface so shiny, and it is free from all types of grime and dirt.

Myths Surrounding Waterless Car Wash

There are myths regarding waterless car wash as well. Are you aware of any? If not, you will be amazed to learn some of them. Here are two very famous myths:

It Scratches the Car Paint

Waterless Wash is Good

Some people complain that the waterless car wash destroys their vehicles’ paint. However, there is little, or no evidence of it present, according to experts. They say that the car’s paint getting destroyed is a result of a wrong product choice and not the procedure itself. Compromising on the quality of the product could bring about this issue. And you could end up spending more money than you saved by purchasing a cheap product. Do not forget the pain that it brings after looking at your damaged car.

Some of the tips that you can follow to avoid any damage on the paint include wiping off the spray using the right technique. It will be great if you do not let the spray dry as that will ruin the paint underneath. Wipe I off while it is still wet. Other than that, the cloth you use to wipe also matters. Recommended cloth for wiping off the spray is microfiber—nothing else. So, do your car a favor and follow these tips.

It Is Not Eco-Friendly

It is debatable. Some people say that the chemicals that the spray contains make it harmful to the environment. At the same time, others don’t buy it. People who say that the spray has no detrimental effect on the environment talk about its quality. So, if you choose a good quality spray, it will not be harmful to the environment. However, if you wish to save money, you might be able to do so, but at the cost of harming the environment. So, if you are a responsible human, you will avoid opting for a cheap product.

Individuals who favor the waterless car wash sprays also debate how it helps to save the water. Thus, protecting the environment further. An ordinary car wash consumes between 20 and 50 gallons of water, but this is not the case with waterless car wash. Imagine the favor that you will do to the environment by opting for it.

Is Waterless Wash Good for Your Car?

choose a waterless wash

With a lot of debate surrounding the subject, the majority agrees that this method is far better than opting for a car wash. Some of the reasons why people who prefer it includes the less effort that it needs to clean the car as well. And rightfully so. Washing a vehicle means pouring water over it, cleaning it with detergents, and then wiping it with a cloth to dry it. However, you get to save all this effort if you choose a waterless wash.

But there is an exception in this case as well. If your car is too dirty or muddy, you should not opt for the waterless wash as it will not be able to remove the excessive dirt. However, if you wish to apply the spray, you can do so after washing it as the spray gives the shine to your car.

Final Words

If you are worried that this process can only happen professionally, you are wrong. You can get your hands on readily available spray cans in stores and give your vehicle a waterless wash. And after trying it once you can decide for yourself whether you like it or not. The chances are that you will love the over-the-counter- available option.

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