Limo Rental Tips Revisited – How to Get the Right Limo?

Get the Right Limo

Hiring a good limo service can make life easier, help create a memorable event, or allow a person to enjoy comfortable ground transportation. However, it’s important to hire the right limousine service, so customers don’t find themselves without a ride – or worse – in an unsafe situation.

Many people don’t realize how important it is to be careful when renting a limo. This is a situation where people are allowing themselves to be driven around, and that has to do with the safety of the client and others. Not only that, some people know what it’s like to be left at the airport without a ride; the wrong limousine service can leave people stranded with very few options.

Limo rental tips to ensure a positive, safe experience


  • Find the right service. This might take some research and planning, but it will help to ensure that customers rent the best limo service for their needs. Know the budget, and plan early. This will allow plenty of time to ensure that the limo services in question offer what the client is looking for and that the service will be available when needed.
  • A little knowledge about different limousine styles can really help. Some are small, but others can hold plenty of people. When renting a limo, knowing how many people will be in the party, as well as the necessary services and amount of time that the limo will be needed can help make the booking process smooth and easy.
  • Shopping around is essential. A great limo service will have plenty of references, great ratings and even friends and family will refer them. Add this to personal experience and some price shopping, and finding the right limo company is possible.
  • Be a loyal customer. For those that have had a good experience with a limo rental company in the past, sticking with that company – and operator – can pay off. Some limousine services even offer loyalty discounts.
  • Other sources for good limousine services include hotel concierges, and other hotel customers. Online searches work, too, as long as it’s possible to read the reviews and ratings of past customers.

What to look for

When shopping for a limo service, clients should consider that drivers are properly insured and licensed and that the company has good safety ratings.

Before finalizing any reservations, ask about any surcharges, cancellation fees, ride details and confirmation procedures, as well as what payment methods accepted by service provider. Does the limousine company have a dedicated customer service line for clients to get in touch if there is a problem?

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When it comes to special occasions

Get the Right Limo

Renting a limousine for a wedding or special occasion is very different from renting a limo for a ride to the airport. Special occasions often require special amenities. For instance, will there be champagne in the limo? Will the driver be willing to make stops for pictures? How many people can fit in the limo, and what types of limousines does the company offer.

It’s a good idea to find out if the limo rental company offers special occasion packages for their clients to choose from.

Airport transportation

Many people choose to rent a limousine to take them to and from the airport because it’s less expensive than hiring a cab and is often a much more comfortable ride. Unlike taking a bus or a shuttle, hiring a limo is a relatively stress-free experience. Shuttles, buses and trains can often become crowded, and a direct ride to the airport often takes less time than waiting for numerous stops.

Is it really necessary to rent a limo? Maybe it’s not a necessity, but with the competition for top rated limousine services today, the pricing, amenities and ease of travel that renting a limo can offer make this an option that many feel is the only option for many occasions.

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