MODU an innovative helmet system

MODU or Modular helmet system for you is an improved version of a sports helmet. The helmet system has three variants; MODU-C, MODU-S and MODU-U.

modu s


We all understand the key function of a helmet is safety and if the likeliness of an injury is high, the helmet is of no use. A serious blow to the head could be fatal or cause serious health problems. Based on the concern the MODU helmet system was designed to enhance user safety.

Why is it called a modular head protection system?

Like all modular systems, this helmet is composed of small modules that could be assembled or disassembled easily. The small components fit into the MODU EPS foundation, i.e., the base of the helmet. The components can be arranged in the jigsaw by simply pushing them in the base and these can be pulled out easily to change its form.

The Variants

modu c

There are three sets of components, which fit into the base of the helmet. That helps in transforming the helmet into the three different variants. The MODU-C is for cycling, and has large vents on this one. The large vents ensure that the head sweats less and there is no irritation, also the head remains cool.

The MODU-U is the urban version, this one has comparatively smaller vents so that moderate amount of air reaches the rider’s head. To increase the safety, there are yellow reflective strips encircling the vents. The rider becomes more visible to the motorists this way.

MODU-S is the snow version, here the vents are very small so that the head of the user remains at a sustainable temperature in the cold weather. Given the fact that all snow related activities are held during the day, the components on this one do not have yellow reflective strips.


modu u

Patrick Lane, the designer of MODU helmet system wanted it to be strong enough so that the risk of concussion is minimized. The helmets offer four-layer protection, the outermost shell is polycarbonate. The second layer is D30 armored and inside it is a thick layer of ‘brock’ foam, the inner most layer is again made of D30 armor. Of course, this four-layer protection is above the EPS foundation.

Patrick Lane designed the MODU head protection system as a project in the final year of Industrial design at the University of Monash. Along with enhanced protection, the helmet offers modularity and customization.

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