How MOT Data Checks Are Becoming More Technologically Advanced

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It used to be the case that buying a second hand car could be a little precarious. Unless the buyer had knowledge of what to look for in a second hand car, buying one involved a metaphorical role of the dice. This is not the case anymore, digital technology means that now we can access a great deal of information about a car we are considering buying and that includes its MOT history. Here we look at how MOT data checks are becoming more technologically advanced.

Integrating Technology


Just as cars themselves are becoming more technologically advanced, so are the peripheral legal and maintenance administration processes that go along with owning a car. In 2014, for example, tax discs became a thing of the past and now the service history for many cars is stored online, as opposed to in the cars log book.

Information regarding the vehicles MOT history has now followed suit and whenever a car is put through an MOT, the process is recorded digitally. This is good news for those who buy second hand cars as they are able to access the information using an MOT history check company.

Advantages of MOT History Checks

It makes sense that the more information buyers can gather on a vehicle, the better the position they are in to decide whether or not to buy it. For instance, a vehicle that has gaps in its MOT history may be viewed as less desirable than one without any gaps.

Gaps in the history or information showing that the vehicle has failed its MOT could be evidence that the car has not been well looked after and this can lead to it having problems as it gets older.

MOT checks serve to empower buyers and offer them some peace of mind about the condition of the car they buy.

Potential Problems


The system used to gather and store information about a vehicles MOT history is robust, but not infallible. That is to say despite the best efforts of the DVLA and others, there will always be instances where the information stored is not completely accurate.

This bears particular consideration for those looking to buy an older car. As this system is relatively new, it will not hold the full MOT history for older vehicles.

Nevertheless, while the information is there to be used, it makes a lot of sense for those looking to buy a second hand car to make good use of it.

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