Never Wear These Shoes While Driving

Never Wear These Shoes While Driving

Wearing the right shoes while driving could quite literally save your life. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are 16,000 accidents per year caused by pedal error. This could mean a slip of the pedal or putting too much pressure on them accidentally.

One of the factors in these accidents is wearing the wrong shoes while driving. Unfortunately, not all shoes are made the same, and they shouldn’t all be worn while driving. Below is a list of some of the most dangerous shoes to wear while driving anywhere from backroads to highways.

1.   Flip Flops

It’s so easy in the summer months to slip on a pair of flip flops and drive down to the beach or the store. Unfortunately, they can cause problems such as getting stuck under the pedal, falling off your feet, or slipping from lack of traction on the soles.

2.   Heels

Of course, high heels are some of the most beautiful shoes you can wear, especially when you’re driving to the office or an elegant event. However, it’s best to bring a change of shoes when you’re driving to your destination.

The heel could make navigating between the gas and brake pedals difficult. You may also tend to hover over the pedals, which is unnatural for drivers and could be exhausting. Let’s also not forget that ill-fitting heels could result in bunion removal, so you should wear them as sparingly as possible, especially while driving.

3.   Wedges

Another popular and often comfortable shoe for women is wedges. Unfortunately, they are not a great choice if you’re driving. The thick wedged sole can create a false sense of pressure on the pedals, which could cause you to brake too fast, speed up too quickly, or not accelerate fast enough and cause an accident.

4.   Slippers

Keep your house shoes in the house and out of the car. While slippers are super comfortable, they are not meant to use while driving. Oftentimes, they are too roomy for your feet and can slip off while you’re driving. They may also slip from the pedals due to the smooth soles.

5.   Shoeless

Never drive barefoot. This can cause many accidents due to not being able to put enough pressure on the pedals, especially when you need to activate the anti-lock braking system. 

The Best Shoes for Driving

The ultimate best shoes for driving are sneakers or closed-toe shoes with a flat sole. They should fit your feet well and have no risk of slipping off, and have traction on the bottom, so they don’t slip on the pedals.

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