The powerful combination of a jet and a helicopter will change the way you fly

The Trifan 600 will be a startling transporter, combining the features of a jet and a helicopter in a single machine. The development process of this flying machine started two years back by the Denver based XTI Aircraft Company.

Is it for real?        

The TriFan (2)  

No, doubt it is, like we mentioned the project is already under development. The manufacturer of this jet + helicopter has gathered one of the biggest names in the industry for the project. The former chief engineer for Adam Aircraft, Dennis Olcott is the Chief engineer and a board member for the project. Ex-president for Cessna Aircraft, Charlie Johnsonis also a board member in the TriFan project.The vice chairperson of the project is none other than the ex-president and chief executive of Sikorsky Aircraft, Jeffrey Pino.

An awe-inspiring machine

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This jet will cruise at high speeds for long distances with the Vertical Takeoff and Landing or VTOL capabilities. It can take to the air with or without a runway, reaching a max height of 9,000 meters. Once in the air, the helicopter is ready to cruise like a jet at 340 knots. The TriFan will be capable of ferrying six people, including the pilot.

Three ducted fans and two powerful turbo shaftengines, helps the flying machine take off vertically. After the lift off, two fans rotate forward to make the plane fly forward at jet speed. When the plane is in forward flight the thirdfixed fan, in the center of the aircraft, is covered by a sliding door. This jet made from carbon fiber and epoxy material, lands the same way it takes off, vertically down.

Corporate leaders will not have to travel to airports, they could just hop in from the helipad of source destination and reach the helipad of the final destination.

Fund raising

The TriFan (3)

Is that really your concern? Well, the company will raise the funds through crowd funding. This is going to be a first plane in the history of aviation to procure funds as they do for smart watches and other gadgets.  With the new rules of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, people could buy a stake in the project through crowd funding. They plan to raise $50 million and a TriFan 600 would cost somewhere from$10 to $20 million.

The TriFan will touch the sky in 11 minutes (max altitude) and reach its max cruising speed in just 90 seconds. The machine is equipped to take the riders on a flight of fantasy.

Source : PopularMechanics.Com

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