Road Safety – An Aspect That Deserves More Attention Than We Generally Give It

Road safety!!! How much do we think about it? Well, not enough. The statistics from a recent survey on the road safety indicate that only 44% of the total drivers carry out the safety checks on their vehicle once a month. These checks include brake light, tyre pressure and oil checks.

Only 20% of the people agreed that they carry out the safety checks on a car before starting a journey irrespective of the fact whether they are going to drive the car or not. For 39% people, the personal health of the driver is the most significant safety check. They don’t bother about the other aspects pertaining to the road safety.

As most as 83% of people believe that the passenger’s safety is the responsibility of the driver, and the ones who are simply riding the car, not driving it, should not worry about the road safety checks of the vehicle.

As per these statistics, the people don’t give the road safety as much attention as it deserves, and thus, the number of mishappenings on the road is so high. If people start giving more attention to the vital road safety checks, these incidents can be controlled to some extent.

Road Safety should Be Important For Everyone

Whether you regularly drive the car or simply sit behind the wheels once in a while, road safety should be of utmost importance to you every time you take your car out of your garage and hit the road.

The condition of the car is very important when it comes to stay safe on the road. The different aspects of the vehicle such as oil levels, brake lights, and tyre pressure are needed to be considered and not taken for granted, as it may not just harm you but the other people as well who are travelling with you.

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Check Your Safety More Often

Check your car’s condition and other vital factors which can make driving a safe experience more often than you do. While the road safety for different people mean different things, but the ultimate aim of the following road safety principles is to ensure that you and your co-passengers stay safe on the road, and don’t face any adverse situation because of ignoring the vital road safety rules in different parts of the world.

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