Seth Kettle’s jet powered go-kart is ready to exchange hands

Jet powered vehicles are simply monstrous and they burn the lane on the go. They have considerable fan following and are liked by DIYers and power loving people equally. When it comes to jet powered or high-powered vehicles, one name that comes to our mind is Seth Kettleman. He is a man who deals in aircraft parts and provides Boeing engine as well as tech support for building jet powered vehicle or Batmobiles.

We have already seen his jet powered Datsun 280ZX in the recent past and now the fans have the bright chance to own another beast from his cache. Well, yes Seth has put his custom build, jet powered go-kart on auction. The small beast roars with Boeing 502-7 gas turbine engine that propels it to well over 100mph with 200 pounds of thrust to overwhelm you.

The prominent features of the jet powered go-kart include low ground clearance and center of gravity that makes it firm on the road, butterfly seating position gives you a feel to fly a fighter jet, a digital speedometer and a new fuel transfer pump. In addition, there is 2.5 gallon spun aluminum fuel cells, and many new fittings that include oil filter and cooler, stainless steel brake, new on board batteries, N1 gas producer tachometer and a supplementary start kit that comes with it.

Moreover, to add more aggression to the already fierce go-kart, Seth is working to add more speed to it. For that matter, he is working on a new exhaust nozzle; apart from the offer to build an afterburner for a new owner.

Owning a jet-powered vehicle is all but fun and those of you who have liking for such vehicles, it’s up for grab at eBay with its current bid not at much $6,200 and ending on Jun 17, 2012.


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