The Benefits of Short-Term Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

There are many situations in life where you require the use of a vehicle that you are not insured on. Taking out an annual policy is a huge expense, but getting added to an annual insurance policy can be a tricky process and one which can take a few days to push through. It is, of course, illegal to drive a vehicle that you are not insured on, which is why short-term car insurance is so helpful.

Temporary Cover

Motor Insurance

Short term car insurance provides adequate cover and can be arranged for just one day through to one month. This will provide peace of mind and ensure that you are covered if you have to make a claim. Crucially, the short-term cover is a standalone policy and will not interfere with any No Claims Discount (NCD). This is unlike if you were to add a driver to an annual policy and they were to make a claim.

Typical Situations

Short-term insurance is handy in many different situations. A few common examples include when you take a car for a test drive if you have family visiting from abroad and they need a car, if you are on a long drive and need to share the driving and if you return home from university. Other common reasons include business trips, helping someone to move to a new house and if there is a gap between one annual policy ending and another starting.

Arranging Cover


In many of these examples, you may need to arrange the insurance at a moment’s notice. This would leave you out of luck if adding a driver to an annual policy, but most temporary insurance providers can arrange cover in as little as 15 minutes. To be eligible, you simply need to be between 19 and 75 and a holder of a valid driving license (the UK and other nationalities are usually accepted). You then provide the insurer with basic details, driving license number, vehicle registration number, and details about the length and dates of the temporary cover. Once acceptance criteria are met, you will be emailed the insurance certificate and you will be free to get behind the wheel.

Essentially, short term car insurance is a flexible and fast way to get coverage for times where you need to use a car that you are not insured on. This can be difficult otherwise and impact a driver’s NCD, but this is not an issue when you arrange temporary cover with a reputable insurer.

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