Various types of Anti Car Theft Devices and How to choose the best one?


You need to use an anti car theft system to secure your car against thefts. Anti car theft systems come in a wide varieties. While a tire lock allows your ride to be jammed shut avoiding any kind of motion, a kill switch simply prevents the car from starting. Here are the various types of anti theft devices and how to choose the one best for you.

Types of Anti Car Theft Devices

There are several types of anti car theft devices to choose from. Ranging from locking the car wheel to shutting down the tires from moving, there are several ways to protect your ride.

  1. Car Alarm

    Available in a number of varieties, car alarms simply starts beeping loudly to alarm about any malicious activity involving your ride. While some car alarms only buzz when someone tries to start the car without a key, others can be triggered as soon as the vehicle is touched.
  2. Electronic Immobilizers
    These anti car theft systems are installed on the car keys. The car ignites only when started with such a key. Trying the car to ignite without such a key will simply lock up the complete car system and the engine won’t start.
  3. Electronic Tracking Systems

    These are built-in anti car theft systems, which start transmitting location information as soon as the car is reported as stolen.
  4. Hood Locks
    With this anti car theft system, robbers are denied access to under the hood parts such as the battery. Hood locks simply lock into their respective places and require a key to unlock them. This protects your ride’s valuable engine components out of unauthorized reach.
  5. Kill Switch
    Not requiring much car knowledge, kill switches can be easily hidden under the dashboard or behind the car seat. The device is capable to shut down the electrical system of a car it is applied to.
  6. Tire Locks

    When a car is secured using a tire lock, it can’t be budged. Hence, tire locks prevent car thieves to drive away your car. Tire locks simply prevent the tires to rotate and hence there is no motion.
  7. Wheel Locks
    Placing the lock on the steering wheel results into locking it, thus unable to move. There are several variants of wheel locks. One such is The Club. It’s simply the length of the gadget that helps in preventing the steering wheel to be turned. The anti car theft device is fitted right in between the rim of the wheel.

How to Choose the Best Anti Theft Systems For Your Car
There are several different factors to weigh before you can decide on to choose a specific type of car security device from the giant pool of car security devices. Here are three important questions that you need to answer in order to select the best security device for your car:

  1. How much to spend?
    The price of an anti car theft device ranges from a few bucks to several thousands. Needless to say, you need a security gadget as pricey as you can afford.
  2. Where the car is parked?
    Depending on the location where you car is parked regularly, you need to invest in an appropriate anti car theft system. A place where car thefts are common requires for a top-notch anti car theft device.
  3. What is the model of the car?
    The car model determines what will be the most appropriate anti car theft device will be for it. Car robbers prefer recent models for a better sell-off, whereas older models are easier to dismantle.


There are several different options to choose for an anti car theft system. Secure your ride today by using one.

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