Cost-effective ways to add speed to your motorcycle

Most of the motorcyclists are smitten by the thrill of speed. Accordingly, they do not mind spending a considerable part of their earnings and time to get the best possible speed out of their vehicles. However, enhancing speed need not entail much time, money, and efforts, provided you comply with few tried and tested ways. The most prominent of them find mention below.  

Replace the Air Filter:

The simplest and most effective way of achieving your speed goals is to get rid of the motorcycle’s standard air filter. Go for a vehicle-specific aftermarket unit that will cost you anywhere around $100. You can opt for premium ones, provided you are willing to spend about $200. Since the aftermarket air filters are lighter than the standard ones, your motorcycle can gain that elusive extra speed. In addition, the replaced filter will ensure better filtration and increased airflow.

Prefer Lighter Tires:

Heavy wheels can be an obstruction between you and your speed endeavors. Moreover, they do not go well with the fancy suspensions that are the norm of the day. Therefore, it is advisable to replace your existing heavy wheels with super light aftermarket ones. Given the plenty of options available, you can easily get hold of super light aftermarket wheels meeting your needs and budget.

Keep Brake Pads Upgraded:

Even the best of brands go cheap on brake pads and brake lines. The standard material used is rubber, which is vulnerable to flex and deformation. Prefer replacing your rubber brake lines with those made of braided steel. Not only will it address flex and deformation concerns but also ensures a prompt, solid, yet enduring response. Going with superior HH-grade brake pads makes sense, as they offer a better grip and do not fade early.

Add Adjustable Suspension:

Adding an adjustable suspension can help you boost your motorcycle’s speed without going overboard with the expenses. The suspension enables you to have a better control on your vehicle and regulates compression and damping settings according to your dynamic needs. 


Contrary to the general perception, giving the desired boost to your motorcycle’s speed is not that cumbersome and cost intensive an affair. Take care of a few essential yet simple things; speed will take care of itself.

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