Weird features that were cutting edge in old cars

As the technology advances, it is but natural that the old features of innovations seem to be weird. The following features were creative innovations of the bygone era, although today they seem to be weird to us. Nonetheless, these features will surely attract your attention.

Rotating seats

Buick model

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Can you imagine a living room like seating in a car? Well, they tried it in 1961, in a Buick model. Unveiled at the last and final Motorama show by General Motors, the Flamingo was pink in color. The popular Buick convertible, Electra 225 was chosen to be the Flamingo. The car featured dual tone pink leather seats and the front seat could do a 180° spin. The driver’s co- passenger could easily chat with the rear seat occupants and make the journey more interesting.

Ejecting discs

Dead woman lying on a street

This feature is perhaps the weirdest on the list, but the idea had a great thought behind it. The idea was suggested by a New Jersey lawyer in 1931 to curb the acts of notorious hit and run drivers. The idea was to attach a special device to the front bumper of the cars, which would eject metal discs on hitting someone. The metal discs had the name of the driver and car’s license number, which could be picked by the victim as a proof.

Bench seats


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Do you remember the long single bench front seat in a car? That was true big family car, three adults and a child could be in the front seat, others being on the rear one. A drive with your loved one, sitting beside you in the bench seat was romantic than the present day arrangement. It must have been easier to be more intimate in the single seat.

Dog sacks

Dog sacks

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Back in the 1930s, someone came up with a unique idea to carry their dogs hanging outside their car while they travelled. It was the dog sack, which would be attached to the window of a car by hooks. Some padding underneath the hooks prevented scratches. The head of the dog would remain out of the sack and the bottom of the sack would be attached or rather clamped to the running board alongside the doors of the car. Though never actually practically used, the sack was aimed to prevent hair of the dogs to scatter around inside the car.

Sometimes weird is equivalent to interesting and these features are one of them. Just think of the rotating seat, may be you would love a feature like that in your Toyota Prius.

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