5 Tips to Drive Safely in Stop-and-Go Traffic

Drive Safely in Stop-and-Go Traffic

The United States has one of the most extensive road systems in the world. There are over 250 million cars and trucks on the road at any given time. The state of Nevada has a population of over 3 million, with the majority of crashes that require the help of a car accident lawyer centered around Las Vegas. The high number of drivers and cars on the road and the sheer number of accidents that occur have presented opportunities to understand the best ways to practice safe driving.

Heavy stop-and-go traffic accounts for a surprisingly high number of car crashes because it creates conditions for drivers to be distracted, To help you stay safe on the road, here are five tips for driving safely in stop-and-go traffic:

  • Make sure your brakes are to par.
  • Make sure your brake lights are working.
  • Pay attention to the brake lights of other cars.
  • Avoid distractions
  • Merge carefully and safely

Let’s examine each tip and how it can help you avoid a car accident and the need to hire an auto accident lawyer.

1. Make Sure Your Brakes Are to Par

Make Sure Your Brakes Are to Par

Car manufacturers understand the importance of vehicle safety and design cars to be as safe as possible. The brake system is the most critical aspect of car safety, but it depends tremendously on the car owner’s due diligence in ensuring the system is in an optimal state.

The brake system needs regular maintenance to continue performing safely. You should have your brake system inspected by a mechanic at least twice a year. The schedule that is best for your vehicle is dependent on the number of miles driving, since the more miles you drive, the more maintenance measures your system will require.

2. Make Sure Your Brake Lights Are Working

Your vehicle brake system is a complex one, from the brake pedal to the pads and back to lights; each plays a vital role for your safety and fellow drivers on the road. The brake lights are simple but critical for safe driving conditions in stop-and-go traffic. The components that allow brake lights to function correctly are the light bulbs, light switch, fuse, and light socket.

Brake lights are designed to prevent rear-end collision, which accounts for countless injuries to drivers and passengers. If your brake lights aren’t working correctly, troubleshoot by starting with the easiest to fix and work your way to more complex culprits. Checking for burnt out light bulbs should be investigated first. If you discover the bulbs are not the problem, check the brake light switch. After reviewing the bulb, you should focus your attention on the fuses. A bad fuse will prevent the brake light from getting power. Lastly, after eliminating blown bulbs, the brake light switch, and fuses, the bulb socket may be the issue.

3. Pay Attention to the Brake Lights of Other Cars

Pay Attention to the Brake Lights

Safe driving is defensive driving, which includes paying attention to the speed of traffic, potential collisions, and scanning other driver’s brake lights without being distracted. Once you have ensured your brake light system is functioning, paying attention to surrounding drivers is paramount.

Car accidents occur because drivers don’t have enough time to react and avoid collisions. Brake lights act as a warning that alerts the drivers behind the vehicle to slow down and prepare to stop. If you are texting and eating or not paying attention, you only have a few seconds to react to the driver’s brake lights.

4. Avoid Distractions

Driving is a privilege and not a right, as you must undergo a driving test to be authorized to operate a machine moving at a high rate of speed. Drivers tend to become too comfortable driving and forget how dangerous a speeding vehicle is.

Many things distract drivers and cause accidents, and surprisingly, the cell phone is not number one. Cell phones account for 12 percent of the top reasons, but the number one spot is “daydreaming.” Daydreaming accounts for 62 percent of the reason drivers are distracted enough to cause car collisions.

5. Merge Carefully and Safely

car collisions occur

A large number of accidents occur during car lane merging. Side-swipes and blind-spot merging are dangerous scenarios when car collisions occur. Vehicle merging can be confusing, as drivers are not sure who has the right of way, who should slow down or speed up, or who should yield.

Merging rules are only as good as the driver’s ability to practice them effectively. Merging laws dictate that on roads with three or more lanes, the right of way is given to drivers on the left if drivers are entering from the right. Injuries to the hip, spinal cord, and neck-related injuries like whiplash are common merging accident injuries.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

An unfortunate part of driving in Las Vegas stop-and-go traffic is becoming a victim of a car accident. If you’re involved in a crash, you may need to hire a car accident attorney in Las Vegas with a good reputation to help you get the compensation you deserve. Expenses from car accidents can quickly balloon out of control, from property damage and medical costs. An experienced car accident attorney provides support and peace of mind during those trying times.

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