Preparing Your Big Rig for the Long Haul

Preparing Your Big Rig for the Long Haul

If you drive a big rig, you know how much you depend on the truck for your livelihood and as a source of freedom. Your love for the open road has kept you driving the highways of America for years, and you don’t plan on stopping any time soon. By keeping your rig in top condition, you can guarantee fewer breakdowns. The following list includes some of the regular maintenance tasks you should perform on your truck.

1. Brakes


One of the most critical working parts of the semi-truck is the brakes. To make sure the brake system is working as intended, it should be inspected regularly. If a squeal or grinding sound is heard, a visit to the mechanic is in order. The brakes must be able to stop the many tons of weight your rig will be carrying.

2. Grease

Your truck has many moving parts that require grease, and the good news is that you can do the maintenance yourself. While greasing the dozens of areas, you can also use the time to inspect the hidden mechanics of your truck. By making sure everything is properly lubricated, you can ensure the entire system is working at top capacity.

3. Vent


Fuel vents are essential for the proper working of the whole fuel system. When your truck sits for even a few days, you may find blockages in the form of insects or small critters. Those system blocks will cause your vent to produce inaccurate readings and can alter engine performance.

4. Seats

Seats get worn out from the constant shifting your body does on the long haul, so make sure you check your coverings often. If you see signs of problems, contact a semi-truck seats company for information about replacing or recovering the entire area. You want to be comfortable, so keep your seat intact.

5. Radiator


You depend on your radiator to keep your system’s temperature under control. To make sure your radiator is working efficiently, check the hoses, connections, and radiator before each run. Look for leaks, loose connections, and cracks. It is easier to replace a tube or connector than to replace the entire engine.

If you make sure you keep your rig in working order, it will keep you on the road and into the unknown for many years to come. A few simple maintenance checks now can keep you from spending big bucks on costly repairs in the coming months.

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