Nitrous oxide in car and other trending car modifications

Nitrous oxide in car

Nitrous oxide has such drastic boosts in the performance of your car that often the price associated with it skips one’s mind. So, without considering that if you are going for a complete kit then chances are that the prices would leave you shocked. If you make certain changes in the buying process, surely you shall reap the benefits of getting cheaper Nitrous Oxide. So here in this article we have for you, nitrous oxide in car made easy for you.

Things you will need for getting cheaper Nitrous Oxide:

Nitrous oxide in car You will need the following materials at your disposal before you start off. You will need good internet services. You obviously need a nitrous kit for nitrous oxide in car. Also, for the procedures that we are about to follow you need a substantial period of time.

Pricing of the process:

Nitrous oxide provides a huge boost to the speeds of the car. To manage such high speeds, one needs adequate engine gear. This can cost you around $3000. The NOS kits comprising of lines, bottles, electronics etc. have a price tag of around $350 to $650. The kits around $390 tend to have smaller tanks. The mid ranged kits however will provide you with larger nitrous bottles. This for around $450 dollars is surely a good deal. How does it work: Nitrous oxide works in two ways and covers two important functions. Firstly at the valve intake, this supercools the fuel or air charge. Then whenever the spark hits, it releases extra oxygen atoms with the release of more power and speed.

Extent of speed boosts:

Nitrous oxide in car The cars using the nitrous oxides can reach speeds extremely high very quickly. Hitting 175-200miles per hour is a common occurrence.

Steps to use nitrous oxide in car:

  • Step 1: You must know the quantity of nitrous you need. The levels of NOS available for usage are many. This is measured by shots. It is a determiner of the amount of nitrous oxide that is actually going into the engines of the car. To ensure that there is no case of too much usage the kits need to be selected and researched upon carefully before being bought.
  • Step 2: NOS kits should be so purchased that it is ideally suited to the vehicle being used. Customising the wrong kits is price consuming and replacing it altogether is even more expensive. So the needs have to be identified beforehand and the thing that you get should be as per exact specifications. There are universal kits to be used in case you are unsure and the manufacturer can always be a source of advice.
  • Step 3: If you buy used NOS kits it would save you a substantial sum of money. While finding used kits is not the easiest task, it is by no means impossible. You can always be on the lookout in sites like the ebay and craiglist. If you have to buy it online then do consider the shipping costs. If it becomes too much to bear then you might as well get the easier option of buying it new.
  • Step 4: Buying it online if it has been finalised that you are going for new is a great option. Both in terms of wide range of products as well as compatible prices any particular website can catch your fancy in this. All you need to ensure is that your source is genuine and authentic and the server you are purchasing over is secure. Any of your queries would be addressed by customer support and you mustn’t hesitate with that.

Is it illegal to use?

Is it illegal to use This is a question that bothers several individuals who are concerned with the legal aspects of using NOS. In most states, it is not illegal to use. But there is an underlying threat. The police may find the usage purpose unsatisfactory as many probable reasons are illegal racing or illegal acceleration. So you do have a certain risk of being fined or worse still your vehicle being confiscated.

Does it actually work like you think?

The output of a tiny engine can be increased as much as half a horsepower. And this is the minimum of the capabilities of nitrous oxide in car and that too by getting cheaper NOS. So in short yes it does work as long as you choose your kit carefully in sync with your vehicle and the engine. In top fuel eliminators and dragsters the appropriate nitrous kits give a boost of 2200 horsepower or even more. The cars then can whiz past with speeds of nearly 230mph.

Does it lower intake temperatures?

Nitrous oxide in car The intake value indeed is dropped indeed. The NOS temperature drop depends on the size of the NOS kit and also is a variable of the interface of the intake system of the engine.  The drop occurs because a denser air or fuel can be allowed into the cylinder. After the breaking of some weak bonds that make the NOS due to heat, the output power of the engine is increased immensely with the aid of the added oxygen molecule. So, NOS does the multi task of keeping the power up while maintaining the temperatures down. The fuel charge is dense and heavy and that increases its pressure causing all that we discussed.

13 Other Car modifications that are trending right now

Tires and tires (Between $150 to $300)

upgrade-the-tiresLooking to upgrade the tires? If yes, then never ever buy cheap ones. We cannot force you to do something, but trust us, tires are the most important factor that will impact the car’s overall performance including acceleration, braking, and even parking. If you are living in an area with prolonged winter, keep two sets of tires: one for winter and another for summers, each with rubbers made to manage the respective temperatures.

2. Window tint ($99 to $400)

Many states have laws about tinted windows, but still, you can get away with some front or side pigmented glasses. The tint is calculated on the basis of light passing through them, so you can check and decide according to your style and living area.

3. Body wraps ($2, 500 to $6, 000)

Body-wraps It’s a trend to body wrap the car. There are many shops that can vinyl wrap your car, which will look fabulous on it. Either you can opt for a complete body wrapping or use it for certain parts like roof, pillars or bonnet. Applying body wraps is completely legal as far as you do not change the original color of the vehicle. If you want to wrap your car with a different color then original, then you have to visit the local RTO to make some changes on the Registration Certificate.

4. Quick-ratio steering rack ($200 to $600)

Do you have a car with the quick-ratio steering rack, meaning a function that moves the wheels faster than you move the steering? If yes, then modifying the quick-ratio steering rack will transform the way you drive to make the drive much sportier.

5. Suspension upgrades ($200 to $5, 000 depending on the car’s model)

Suspension-upgrades An upgraded suspension can result can enhance your car’s performance. If done by a professional mechanic, you will experience better handling. Whether you race or you drive for the local commute, upgrading suspensions is worth the investment.

6. Fuel alterations ($200 to $300)

Government certified shops can install LPG or CNG kits in your car, which is totally legal. We just have to make sure that there is no inferior material to result in accidental leakage. So, it is important to get the registration certificate after installing the fuel alteration system.

7. Seats ($300 to $500)

Leather seatsHave you ever realized how much you keep your body in place while pressing the brakes or accelerator? You will be amazed to know that with a supportive seat, you will be able to pedal brakes and acceleration in a better manner. Your comfort and luxuriousness matter a lot when it comes to choosing car seat covers, so make it with a cushiony lumbar support to keep your back nice and cozy.

8. Convenience features

Features like a rearview camera and parking sensors are either available with high-end cars. If you are driving a car close to your heart and not looking to purchase a new one then you always install such additions in it. You can find a rearview camera within $3200 or more, depending upon the camera and a parking sensor is available within $170. Now, it is the time for some illegal modifications trending in 2019.

9. Auxiliary lamps ($200 to $300)

Auxiliary-lampsModifying headlamps is illegal, but you can add complementary lights. These headlamps will be helpful on an expedition or an evening forest ride.  

10. Superchargers ($3000 to $5000)

super charger with cog beltOne of the popular car modifications is to add a supercharger or turbocharger to it, for better performance. Such additions force more air into the car’ engine to create extra power.  Superchargers are legal as far as it does not surpass your state’s carbon emission limit.

11. Anti-roll bar (More than $300)

An anti-roll bar connects both the suspensions of the car and helps it while parking and cornering. Overall, it keeps the weight of the car distributed among the tires.

12. Stainless steel brake lines and pads ($50 to $150)

Stainless-steel-brake-lines-and-padsYou can feel how the brake works, while you are driving. By using the stainless steel braking system, you will feel better communication between brakes and your foot.

13. Luxurious leather ($300 to $600)

Whatever the number of seats in your car’s cabin, you can always make it plusher by adding leather to the seats and dashboard.

Final words:

Where to refill maybe an issue initially but we did say that there are certain online sources to obtain it. This indeed is a fine way to enhance your car capabilities but only when it is done the right way. If not you run the risk of damaging your car or worse still a fatal accident. As mentioned earlier, adding nitrous oxide to your car is a cheap way to add speed to your vehicle. Nitrous Oxide is something that you must see in a movie. It temporarily adds more power to the engine by increasing oxygen, in turn, burns more fuel and extracting more power. Many states will not allow using such a mechanism. So, before deciding to go for it it’d be best that you check if it is legal or not. Otherwise, If you are stopped by a cop, you always have to say that you were not using it.

Nitrous oxide in car is great power to have and as you know, with greater power comes greater responsibility. We hope your usage would be restricted within all legalities and not for illegal racing or other risky purposes. As long as that is clear you may enjoy your new found powers. Just enjoy with care.

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