Tips on selecting a quality set of aluminum drawers for your 4×4 Ute

Tips on selecting a quality set of aluminum drawers for your 4x4 Ute

There’s no denying that aluminum drawers are a great buy for your 4×4 Ute. They can be fitted so that they open along the sides of your Ute or the back, even under the load space. These drawers help to keep all your tools and equipment, even your camping gear, safe and out of the weather. Nothing is left to roll around the back of your Ute (or fall off), everything is easy to find, and it’s all stored away securely from prying eyes (thieves can’t see what’s in the back of your Ute).

What type of aluminum drawers are available for 4×4 Utes?


There are a few different configurations for Ute drawers, including single and double drawer options, as well as shallow, segmented and deep drawers. The configuration you choose will depend on the space available in the back of your Ute and the type of gear, tools and equipment that you need to transport. Shallow drawers are good for small items or lots of flat items, for example screws, nuts, bolts, rubber tubing, O-rings, small tins, brushes, hammers, screw drivers, etc. Deeper 4×4 aluminum drawers are good for large tins, boxes, recovery gear and even a fridge.

What about materials for these drawer systems?

As far as materials are concerned, the best drawers are made from aluminum with stainless steel latches for security and aluminum rails to help slide them in and out. You can also cover the drawer systems with a marine grade carpet or plywood, even an aluminum top or rubberized surface. These covers help you to store more items on top of the drawers, maximizing the amount of usable space in the back of your Ute.

What should these drawer systems include?

type of aluminum drawers

At a minimum, your 4×4 aluminium drawers should include a strong lock to keep all the contents safe from thieves. Drawer slides are optional, but come in very handy, because they make access to your drawers pretty straight forward. Runners allow you to glide the drawers open and closed very easily, but make sure that they also come with a stop-pin to prevent the drawers from sliding open if you are parked on or driving up a hill. Some runners also allow the drawers to open more than 100% for increased access to the contents. Lastly, it’s a good idea to make sure that each draw can carry as much weight as possible, because that opens up your options.

What are some of the best brands of 4×4 aluminum drawers?

Some of the most popular brands of Ute drawers include Bushmaster, MSA, and Dunn & Watson. In particular, Dunn & Watson also make custom designed drawer systems for your Ute, designing them to suit your requirements – whether for work or play! As far as costs go, they tend to range from a couple of hundred dollars for second hand options to a couple of thousand for custom made systems. MSA and Platinum also make stock runners, whilst Dunn & Watson also sell custom runners (pull-outs, drop-downs and side openers). However, always check that the runners can support the weight of the drawer and contents (they come in a range of weight options).

If you want to boost the functionality of your Ute, maybe it’s time to explore your 4×4 aluminum drawer options?

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