Introducing the latest luxury brand by Hyundai-Genesis

As the very name spells the all new Hyundai- Genesis is a new, one of a kind creation from Korea, a nation not that lauded for automobile manufacture as its counterparts Germany and the USA are. Yet the car offers high tech features like:

  • LED Day time running and tale lamps
  • 3 inch navigation screen
  • Cut and stitched multi-layered dashboard
  • Climate and audio controls at the back console
  • Surround studio sound music system and much more…

The car has become an immediate attraction among mid range sedans which is a segment highly attractive to the rising middle class. Adorned with features that are available in niche luxury car brands like Audi, BMW or Lexus, the Hyundai G10 can be a tough competition to German and other carmakers because it comes with a low cost advantage. A Hyundai G10 costs around $70000, which is less in comparison to its more expensive counterparts like a Mercedes Benz- S class.

No new development has ever come without its own share of hiccups. Same is the case with Genesis. While the car brand was accused of not fulfilling state regulations for car manufacture in Louisiana, the sales of the luxury car has also been impacted by anti Korea sentiments in China- one of the world’s largest car markets. But, all this has not bogged the company down. In fact, Hyundai has given special attention to the Genesis model by developing a Hyundai Genesis division under the able leadership of ex- Lamborghini brand chief- Manfred Fitzgerald. This valuable human resource acquisition will surely bring the company the fruits of his vast 12 years of experience in the industry.

The company has plans to strengthen its new luxury car division, the formation of which in itself is a revolutionary path-breaking idea. Executives from Hyundai motor company will be trained and absorbed into the newer venture as and when the need arises. According to Hyundai, the move was made to enhance response to luxury car market-trends and to better meet consumer expectations.

The four major areas on which the company is focusing are

  • Planning
  • Brand Communication
  • Product  Strategy and
  • Marketing

The new organizational structure guarantees greater autonomy for the executives of Genesis as the dealership and delivery modules would be discreet in themselves. The G70 and G80 are other less expensive versions in smaller sizes but with the same capacity of engines. The new division is expected to give Genesis a new limelight in USA and the other markets, which it has not had since a long time. Hyundai is ranked 4th in the league of luxury car makers beating long time legends like BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

Three more Genesis models reportedly are under development, including two SUVs and a sports coupe, as well as an eco-friendly variant within the six-model range. Car experts are expecting Genesis models to become better and better over time. The exteriors of Genesis have been praised by the critics. The Serious XM travel link and Map Care are some of the many high-tech features that the car is endowed with. It is also giving tough competition to the two-seater sports luxury cars.

At the end, it seems worthwhile to gaze into the future trends of the luxury car market and the space Genesis has carved out for itself. Comfort, power, ease of access and cost efficiency are the keys to leadership of the luxury car market. (At least a position generating envy for competitors is assured)

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