9 Car Concepts That Should Have Been Made

Volkswagen W12 Nardo was a car concept that was pulled back. This helped to materialize the pretty Bugatti Veyron. Had Jaguar made the XK180, it would’ve been one of the first F-cars in history. However, it was pulled off because of a long list of issues encountered for making the car road-legal. Here are 9 dropped car projects that should’ve been made.

9 Abandoned Car Projects

  1. Cadillac SixteenCadillac SixteenImage Source : topcarrating.comMeant to revive the great American touring luxury tradition, Cadillac Sixteen was planned by the eponymous car maker. It was unveiled as a concept car back in 2003, powered by a 13.6-liter V16 engine. The engine delivered 1000HP and 1000lb-ft torque to the car. The car was meant to be the successor of the popular Cadillac V16 from the 1930s. Unfortunately, the car wasn’t able to make it on to the road and was left as an abandoned project.
  2. Jaguar XK180
    The ambitious F-type project from Jaguar, the XK180 met with a worldwide response on the media to make it real after its unveiling. Despite the exceptional affection, the car project was pulled off and the stunning wonder never became real. Many experts believed Jaguar XK180 to have been a worthy adversary of the Porsche Boxster.
  3. Lamborghini EstoqueImage Source : thewheelsofsteel.comDesigned as an SUV, Lamborghini Estoque was a very pretty coupe that should’ve entered into production. However, the car project was dropped in favor of another Lamborghini SUV, Urus. Had it been made, the car should’ve been identified as the rightful successor to Lamborghini Espada.
  4. Lincoln MK 9
    Sales and profits are always at high for luxury cars. Realizing this, Ford recreated Lincoln as a global luxury brand ready to set off with the lavish Lincoln MK 9. The car that was designed as homage to the classic 1961 Continental failed, whatsoever. Ultimately, the plan was dropped and we were deprived from a car that could have been one of the top-notch luxury cars ever made in the history.
  5. Mercedes C111Image Source : mercedes-benz.comMercedes C111 was one of the earliest prototypes designed with an aerodynamic built. Upon it’s unveiling at the 1969 Frankfurt motor show, clientele handed over blank cheques to the car maker representatives in an effort to have it. Despite the amazing response, Mercedes decided to use the car merely as a testcar for realizing its other supercars.
  6. Mini Rocketman
    Based on the pretty Rocketman, Mini Rocketman was an ambitious city-car project by BMW set to be launched in 2011. However, engineering the vehicle was a challenge that the car maker wasn’t able to handle. Ultimately, the car project was dropped. However, rumors suggest the car to revive in a new electric avatar as the 2018 Mini Minor.
  7. Nissan Urge
    Image Source : icdn-7.motor1.comThe mid-engined two-seater, Nissan Urge seemed as an affordable vehicle entry in the 350/370Z coupe family class. Sadly, the car maker was badly affected by the global crisis scenario and as a result, was pulled off the car from production. Had it been made, Nissan Urge has been a worthy competitor to rival Mazda’s MX5.
  8. Saleen S5S Raptor
    Anticipated being another American supercar, Saleen S5S Raptor was meant to enter production in 2008. In addition to great looks, the car was planned to be supporting a 650HP 5.0liter supercharged V8. Unfortunately, the car was pulled off because of all the financial problems faced by Saleen at the time.
  9. Volkswagen W12 NardoImage Source : supercars.netInitially named Volkswagen W12, the car acquired its last name after setting records with a prototype at the Nardo test track. Despite the great show, the car never came out. However, Volkswagen reimagined the vehicle as Bugatti Veyron.


Some car concepts made it while others simply remain car concepts. Which car from the list you wanted to see hitting the dirt?

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